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Zombie Lab
by yo go re

The last time we tried making up a specific bio for one of these characters, it was proven incorrect by later info. But something tells us that's not going to be a problem this time, so we're free to go hog wild with the speculation!

When the zombies reached Tower 101, many of the residents banded together for safety. Not Debbie. When her neighbors knocked on her door, she pretended not to be home. She couldn't take the risk. They didn't know the danger. Racing into the building just as the zombies began to swarm, she was scratched - nothing major, but enough to infect her. She'd seen it happen to too many others in the past three years. So she retreated to her apartment, painted a warning on the bathroom door, and barricaded herself inside to wait for the inevitable change.

But that was two days ago. Everybody knows infection takes hold in about an hour. Debbie was sure when she fell asleep the night before that was the end of her; she was shocked when she woke up again. Looking at her knee, she finds the deep scratches are still right there, though they appear to be healing - zombie wounds never heal. What is going on?

That's right, absent any kind of info about specific characters, I've decided to make Debbie The Immune. Who's going to prove me wrong? Nobody, that's who! I will never get my comeuppance! Deb uses the same short-haired head as Zombie 009, though this time the hair is painted dark enough to be seen.

Other than the shoes (because of course it's always shoes), this could be something someone is wearing at home: shorts and a tank top. Sure, the shorts may look like jeans, but maybe they're just thick comfy sweatpants. And the top could definitely be sleepwear. It's entirely easy to imagine Debbie, thinking she was doomed, got into her casual everyday clothes - no point in being stuffy when your life is on the line! Still, they could have given her bare feet to complete the "I'm trapped at home" look the story implies.

Deb has all the usual Zombie Lab articulation, though my figure has one broken joint: the upper half of the left knee hinge is broken. Specifically, the hole where the hinge's pin pokes through is torn, making that part of the knee loose and floppy. Considering that Locker Toys Group is a new company and that the Zombie Lab line comprises almost three dozen highly articulated 4" figures, the fact that this is only one of two instances of trouble I've had is pretty impressive.

Debbie's accessories include a display base, as you know, plus a meat cleaver, a pipe, and a pipe wrench - all things that might, conceivably, be found around the house. (Provided that the house in question is undergoing some plumbing repairs at the time, that is.) The art card shows her hiding in an industrial kitchen like she's being hunted by velociraptors. The back of the card has Chapter 6 of the story, which ends with "to be continue" [sic], but that seems optimistic.

Officially, Debbie is not some zombie-immune heroine who holds the key to humanity's survival; she's just a plain civilian figure. But what's wrong with getting civilians? Even if you don't want to pit her against the undead, there are enough 4" lines out there that could alsways use some bystanders to threaten or protect.

-- 09/06/19

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