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Figuretoon Quickies


This is an idea that's been kicking around as a potential Figuretoon ever since we did the first "random gags" Figuretoon way back in 2003. It started as just the bike-riding figures, but grew from there. With three Wolverines and three Ghost Riders, the idea of making them rival gangs just seemed obvious.

The backdrop is actually the main street of Telluride, Colorado, and all the figures are all edited in. Edited in? Heck, they weren't even in the same photo with each other, let alone on that street! The Wolverines were one shot, the Ghost Riders were another, and because their respective vehicles are so large, there were separate pictures for Thing/Hawkeye and Blade/Cable.

The title, MLMC, means "Marvel Legends Motorcycle Club" - "motorcycle club," of course, being the name biker gangs call themselves to sound somewhat more legit. And in the caption, "Marville" comes from the awful and pointless vanity project Bill Jemas wrote in 2002. It seemed like a good name for a place where all the Marvel Legends would live.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Caption: For years, the town of Marville had been ruled by two rival gangs: The Claws and The Skulls. But when the strangers rolled into town, they knew things were about to change.

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