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Emma Frost

Marvel Legends
by yo go re

Winter is co[no no no, we're done with that running joke now --ed.]

A mistress of mind control, Emma Frost uses psionic abilities to read and manipulate the thoughts of her enemies.

Walgreens needs to stop announcing new exclusives and concentrate on getting their existing ones into stores. At this weekend's Comic Con Dortmund, the Stepford Cuckoos were revealed; meanwhile, we're out here still waiting for Infamous Iron Man to make his way onto shelves (and, let's be honest, Mystique too). Apparently EB Games (where this figure is available in Canada) started selling her in August, but here in Americaland, I had to get her at the local scalper fest because of my three Walgreens, one just recently put out a bunch of Magiks. Then you go online, and find people talking about finding Emma on markdown because their store got her months "late." Late my hot patootie!

For someone whose only supranym has ever been "White Queen," Emma certainly seems to be confused about her sartorial choices. This particular costume is what she wore after getting all Phoenixed-up, meaning she goes with Marvel NOW! Cyclops and Magik. See, we told you this Magneto should have been in his Marvel NOW! costume. Like the Alpha Flight ladies, she's got the smallest torso (which we really shouldn't be calling "teen" anymore, considering how many times it's been used for adults now), but pairs it with some very long legs (and high heels) to make her nice and tall. It's surprising they went with such a slight chest for her, since Emma is one of the few super-people to admit she's had cosmetic surgery.

Emma does get a few new pieces. Her large belt is taken from Magik (it seems Hasbro uses this little torso for anyone who wears something around their waist, to keep the final product from looking too big) and the stilettos come from the Wolverine Legends Emma Frost, but she's got new studded pieces around her ankles, and her forearms seem to have the short upper edges of her gloves sculpted on. The long tails of the coat are of a single piece with the metal "sunken X logo" shoulder pads she wears; that's pretty smart! Finally, she wears a broad choker, which slips onto the neck beneath the head.

Correction, beneath the heads: the figure comes with two of them. The one she's wearing in the packaging is the modernish look, with blue lipstick and her hair parted on the right, curling as it cascades over her shoulders (and, yes, limiting the head's range of motion at least a little bit). She's got a pointy nose and a very tight smile.

The second head is still Emma - so at least we're not looking at another Mystique/Lilandra situation - but it's a vintage "first appearance" Emma, the the short straight hair parted directly in the center, and red lipstick. A few of the earliest drawings of Frost's Marvel NOW! costume did depict her with hair somewhat like this, but it really needs to go on a body with white lingere and a cape to look correct, and that doesn't really exist.

Other than the head and the clothes, the only accessories are an alternate pair of fists. But while she's one of the world's strongest telepaths, possibly even surpassing Charles Xavier, she doesn't display any visual effects with it, the way, say, Psylocke does, so there isn't really anything she could come with that would make sense. This isn't the greatest Walgreens exclusive figure, though it does the character in the comics justice; we just wish it would hurry up and get into the stores so people could find it.

-- 12/09/19

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