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Artemyss Silverchord

Mythic Legions
by yo go re

Okay, fine, we know how to take a hint!

The crown has often weighed heavily on the brow of Artemyss Silverchord. The leader of Xylona's Flock, orphaned at the hands of vampire assassins when she was five years old, she was raised by her uncle Aristaeus and her Minotaur protector Asterionn. This regal warrior has spent a lifetime training to protect her people and uphold her family's legacy. Leading her faction and serving as queen have given Artemyss a wisdom that belies her young age and although she is tough and has been hardened by battle, her vibrant optimism and her vision of a world free of war and despair remain an inspiration to all.

Artemyss was first seen in the Mythic Legions art book - you may remember her making out with Scapular the Cryptbreaker - but the art there didn't make clear that she was Asian. Well, Fantasy Asian; it's not like Mythoss has an Asia, after all, it's just that she's sculpted with Asian facial features (but also pointed ears, because she's part elf). Her black hair is bundled into thick braids with golden bands and caps on the ends, and her crown is a set of antlers that call to mind Xylona herself.

Speaking of Xylona, Artemyss wears a similar kind of skirt to her patron goddess. Wait, "patron" comes from the same root as "father," so can a goddess be a patron? Or would she be a matron? A patroness? Whichever, Arty gets a softgoods skirt that you have to disassemble the figure to get her to wear. It's not as big as Xylona's, and fits over the waist peg rather than the butt flap. The skirt is green, contrasting with her gold armor, which itself has purple accents that match her heavy eyeshadow. The breastplate is the same sort the skeleton wore, rather than leaving her as bare as Xylona or Queen Urkzaa. She's either wearing leggings, or her skin is a dark, dark grey.

Her defining feature (and the thing that both sees her sold on a larger card than most of the other figures and causes her to be more expensive) is that she has wings. Not feathery wings or bone wings, but big translucent lavender butterfly wings! No one else has had those, and judging by the art book, they're natural, not a part of her costume. On the toy, they only hinge and swivel where they join the body, with no other movement. And the sockets they fit into are so incredibly shallow that they'll pop out if you try to move them. Also, their poses are limited, due to the length and thickness of her hair.

As we've said before, the Four Horsemen focused less on adding more characters as stretch goals, and more on adding value to the figures who were already there. That's why, at $825k, Artemyss got an extra sword and quiver from the Elf Weapon Pack. She was already coming with the usual plain sword, strap, and the Silverchord bow, but giving her a smooth, curving sword just makes the toy feel a little bit better in the end.

When the Kickstarter was going on, I didn't know Artemyss was the leader of one of the factions - after getting Attila and Atlus, I figured those would be fun to collect - I was really just interested in the toy because of her fairy wings. Those are pretty awesome, and the fact that she's also an important character is just a nice bonus.

-- 04/27/19

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