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Multiverse Spider-Men

Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

Look at this, another Mexican coming here to take a job from an American! Sure, this one's half-Irish, but it used to be the Irish that "real" Americans hated for stealing our jobs, so that's no mitigation.

Across time and space, these web-slinging wall crawlers take on the bad guys and fight for universal justice.

Ugh, when will the liberal media stop shoving its Universal Justice Warriors down our throats? Miguel O'Hara was the Spider-Man of the year 2099, until his arch-enemy Tyler Stone stranded him in the past. The present. Whichever. He'd given up the life of a hero, figuring that between Spidey, Silk, Jessica and Miles, there were enough Spiders in the modern day already, but eventually got pulled back in, losing his old costume in favor of one that Peter Parker helped him design. It's built from a mix of unstable molecules and kevlar (based on the Future Foundation, Iron Spider and Stealth Suit designs) and has jet thrusters in the feet, but from O'Hara's point of view, that would still be the equivalent of a modern soldier mustering forth in a WWI uniform.

It is a pretty cool design, honestly. Like a newspaper or a nun in a chainsaw fight, it's black and white and red all over. It doesn't look at all like the old design, but it doesn't really look like any other Spider-Man, either. Keeping at least one tie to his original look, the red sections on his chest (which should be raised metal panels, like the ones on his forearms, but are instead just painted on) take the shape of a stylized skull - remember, the original 2099 suit was a repurposed Dia de los Muertos costume.

They might have been able to sculpt the edges if they really wanted to, because this body is new. It falls somewhere in between the small and medium bodies, and has a very muscular torso. It's easy to tell that this is a new mold, though, because in addition to the usual articulation, the torso gets pec hinges. Why this body, and not any others? Hasbro probably plans to reuse it, explaining why the costume details are painted rather than sculpted, but why debut it on Spider-Man 2099?

The head and forearms are unique molds. The eye shapes are raised elements, with a hint of a knitted brow between them and a thin line over the mouth. The arms have big blades or spikes jutting off them; those are molded from softer PVC for safetey reasons, then glued in place. As mentioned, the bands they attach to are raised elements.

Both Multiverse Spider-Men come with a piece of the Series 5 Build-A-Figure, Sandman. Miguel gets the right arm and a giant fist.

It's a bold move to redesign Spider-Man 2099 so heavily, especially since he's been wearing the same costume since 1992 - 25 years! But is it really any more of a change than Silver Centurion Iron Man, for instance? The important thing for us is that it looks good as a toy, and that it does.

-- 03/20/17

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