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ToyFare's Top 100 Toys

In the latest issue of ToyFare magazine, the staff celebrated their 10th anniversary by selecting the top 100 toys of the past decade. The criteria were fairly simple: it had to be a toy that came out between 1997 and today. And no re-releases of older toys counted, no matter how cool they were. That seems fair, doesn't it?

Like the article says, picking just 100 was tough, because there were a lot of good toys in the past 10 years. Sometimes they had to pick a single representative figure when the entire line was really deserving - otherwise it would be fourty Marvel Legends, 20 Transformers and a bunch of other random things scattered about. So not everything you think should have a place can be found here.

We're duplicating the list here because Wizard has a nasty habit of changing websites without notice, and of purging their archives. Within a year, I bet the version of this article they have on their site is gone. But you'll still be able to count on OAFEnet to bring you the goods!

ToyFare's Top 100 Toys

[100-76] [75-51] [50-26] [25-1]

100. Iron Man *
Marvel Minimates, Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum, 2004 (w/Ghost Rider)
Even though it doesn't have Drunken Stumbling Action, it's got everything else a fan could want: a blasting hand, a removable helmet and removable hair for when the helmet comes off!

99. The Joker *
Justice League, DC Direct, 2006
Alex Ross' Joker oozes more sinister vibes than a closetful of Jeffrey Dahmers. The sculpt and painstaking detail combine to create a figure so lifelike, we refuse to sleep in the same room with it.

98. Ultimate Warrior (Version 1)
WWE Classic Superstars, JAKKS Pacific, 2004
Hear us, brethren! The grandiosity of the Warrior is not to be under-pontificated. His glistening, sinewy pectorals, his braggadocio visage, his Whitesnake-era mane - it's positively veridical.

97. Angel Buffy Palz
Palisades Toys, 2004
Palisades' PALz line brought something new to block figures - each figure (like soulful vamp Angel) was really two figures, with accessories aplenty to transform them into a totally new version!

96. Phantom of the Opera Playset
McFarlane Monsters, McFarlane Toys, 1998
Hearkening back to golden days of playsets gone by, this set is packed with fun features like a falling chandelier. Even the organ is superbly detailed!

95. Hal Jordan
Green Lantern, DC Direct, 2005
We missed the once-dead Hal Jordan in the way only nerds missing a fictional character can. To celebrate his return, DCD gave us this great sculpt - the quintissential Jordan Green Lantern figure.

94. Gandalf the White
Lord of the Rings Minimates, Art Asylum, 2004 (w/Theoden)
Though he can't turn his head due to his majestic beard, Gandalf's intricate accessories and outfit showed block figures can be more than just big Legos.

93. Nightcrawler *
X2: X-Men United, ToyBiz, 2003
This dead-on sculpt of a blue Teutonic Alan Cumming is everything we want a movie toy to be. Best of all - it's mega-poseable (just like Nightcrawler), down to his deadly wire-poseable tail.

92. The Horrid
Spawn, McFarlane Toys, 1998
Before his static Dragons line, McFarlane made this poseable, winged beast for his Spawn line. Nearly 10 years later and no one has ever made a better, more poseable or creepier dragon figure.

91. Jareth the Goblin King
Labyrinth, NECA, 2007
We'll say it: David Bowie is a beautiful man, and this fig based on his role in the 1986 movie Labyrinth is a majestic duplicate. It would be a great figure even if we hadn't been waiting 20 years for it.

90. Supergirl
DC Stars, Tonner Doll, 2007
If all dolls were as cool as Supergirl, we'd be the all-Barbie magazine. Renowned sculptor Robert Tonner crafted this cloth-costumed Kara with a fan's touch, right down to some bouncy curls. Hot.

89. Mandarin Spawn *
Spawn, McFarlane Toys, 1999
Sporting the most creatively sculpted and painted armor we've ever seen, it delivers Asian fantasy better than Devon Aoki and Lucy Liu in the same tub.

88. Cobra Commander *
GI Joe: Sigma 6, Hasbro, 2005
Joes a thorn in your side? Threaten them with a scepter bigger than your entire friggin' body. This kick-ass CC is armed to the teeth and features a battle-damageable chest a la classic He-Man.

87. Crazy 88 Director Quentin Tarantino *
Kill Bill, NECA, 2004 (E: SDCC/WWC)
Lantern-jawed director QT got in on the figure action with this Kill Bill novelty. As one of the Crazy 88 ninja army, he comes with a pump that sprays blood from his severed limbs. Best action feature ever!

86. Ice Armor He-Man *
Masters of the Universe, Mattel, 2003
He-Man in cool, cartoon-accurate Artic garb somehow reminds us of Conan, only with bangs. Sure, it's not the basic figure, but details like his huge furry boots make this our favorite re-imagined He-Man.

85. Jack Skellington
The Nightmare Before Christmas, NECA, 2004
Thanks to a stop-motion source inspiration, this figure of Nightmare Before Christmas star Jack is a perfect likeness, skinnier than Lindsay Lohan and more articulated to boot

84. Guile
Street Fighter, SOTA, 2005
Street Fighter Guile is responsible for a lot of lost weekends (and quarters), so we were jazzed to see his crewcut in fine form, complete with comb-bearing hand so he can comb his hair after he kicks your ass.

83. Wolverine (Brown Costume) *
Marvel Legends, ToyBiz, 2004
Forget yellow: the definitive Wolvie is right here in his poop-brown spandex duds and rocking some hyper-exaggerated claws. Jim Lee would be proud.

82. Marv
Sin City, McFarlane Toys, 1999
The baddest bastich from Frank Miller's Sin City looks like he stepped off the page and has great extras: a hatchet and the severed head of archrival Kevin. That's circumstantial evidence, Your Honor.

81. Stormtrooper
Star Wars Vintage Original Trilogy Collection, Hasbro, 2004 $24/$5
There's something inherently iconic about a gloss-white Empire lackey, and Hasbro got it perfectly right for their "vintage" line with this, the best version of the trooper ever. If we were rich we'd buy 100.

80. Starscream
World's Smallest Transformers, Takara, 2003
What's less than two inches long and looks amazing? If you said anything but "this Starscream," get help. The self-explanatory fig packs in all the transforming goodness with three times the portability.

79. Mr. Spock
Star Trek: The original series, Art Asylum, 2003
Choosing one figure from Art Asylum's line of well-sculpted and well-articulated Trek figures was tough, but Spock has a great likeness. Plus: Vulcan salute hand!

78. Han Solo & Tauntaun
Star Wars Collector Series, Hasbro, 1997
With a Tauntaun so huge you could almost ride it yourself, this ode to Empire is a fan's icy-wet dream. Harrison Ford appears well bundled for the harsh times ahead, including Sabrina.

77. Hulk *
ML Face-Off, ToyBiz, 2006 (w/Leader)
Hulk been hittin' the gym! This version of the (not so) jolly green giant comes complete with a Leader figure to throttle. He's the best true Hulk fig made to date, and that's saying a lot.

76. Green Lantern
DC Deluxe, DC Direct, 2006
This foot-tall Jordan rocks our socks off in every conceivable way: removable mask, cloth costume and a light-up power battery. Any cooler and we'd have to store it in the freezer.

[100-76] [75-51] [50-26] [25-1]

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