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Chucky & Tiffany

Bride of Chucky
by Shocka

Following on from the stellar single Chucky, NECA returns with one of the best sets of 2019, Bride of Chucky!

The world's most notorious doll is back on the rampage, but this time he's met his match... his old flame Tiffany, who with marriage in mind rescues his parts from a police impound and breathes new life into the little guy. But will she still want his homicidal heart after he cuts her down to his size? So begins a hilarious new adventure filled with gruesome splatter, murderous mayhem and laughs galore.

The 1998 Bride of Chucky took a major deviation from the previous three entries in the Child's Play series; rather than being primarily a horror flick, Ronny Yu took the murderous doll, gave him a gal pal and made the film a comedy. And thus the infernal bride Tiffany was born, voiced by Jennifer Tilly, the perfect foil to Brad Dourif's psychotic Chuck. We've seen figures of the duo before, most notably a similar two-pack from McFarlane Toys back when Movie Maniacs were king. Now, as they are prone to do, NECA has taken the reins to one up Todd's effort with this terrific Ultimate take on the killer couple.

The first notable thing about this two pack is that it's the same size as the previous Ultimate Chucky, and subsequently not quite in proper NECA scale. Chucky and Tiffany both stand about 4" tall, coming up to about the midsection of your other toys - the "Good Guy" movie prop was 28" tall, so a truly in-scale version from NECA would be approximately 2¾". This one would blow up to be 3'5", a foot too big. It's possible they were aiming for an accurate scale, but just got their math mixed up: on their usual 7" figures, each inch of toy equals 10¼" of reality; on this pair, each inch of toy equals 7" of reality, meaning they'd be in scale with a 10¼" figure. Confusing! (And if they didn't make a mistake, it's a bonzer coincidence!)

Let's start with Charles Lee Ray himself; the sculpt is very close to the Ultimate figure, albeit with a very torn up Good Guys outfit, and with brand new heads, three in total. First up is the smiling repaired head, fresh from the stapling Tiffany used to get his head held together. The paint is excellent, with good detail on the individual metal "stitches" and the broken skin. The second head has a much more aggressive sneer, with eyes narrowed in an angrier grimace not dissimilar to the Child's Play 2 poster, but with all of the damage from the third film onwards. Finally, we have Chucky in a full-blown open-mouth grin, eyes wide in cheer as he takes to a victim. Each head is unique and expressive enough to be worth playing with, making him a very fun toy to play and display. And yes, you can also switch heads back and forth between this Chucky and the previous.

Tiffany is a brand new sculpt, and is an absolutely amazing capture of the doll from the films. Tiffany features a gorgeously sculpted jacket and bodice, with the tattoo painted about her right bosom and necklace sculpted below her head. Below the belt, she features an amazing fabric dress, one of the best uses of softgoods ever seen on an action figure. The dress looks fantastic and connects to the upper part of her outfit seamlessly. The look is flawless, and is complimented by her many heads, starting with the default possessed Tiff head, with her evil little smile. The paint here is fantastic, with a great take on her eyes and black lipstick as well as detail on her hair, which changes from a darker color at the roots out to the blonde. Secondly, we have a very demonic sneer, teeth exposed and eyes twisted, with the same exceptional paint detail, perfect for attack! Finally, Tiffany has an extra-special "plain" head, showing the doll before Chucky possesses it with Tiffany's soul, complete with bridal veil and goofy smile. The leather jacket is removable, so you can have the doll almost completely un-Tiffed, but for the Heart Tattoo and black nail polish. And the stockings and black combat boots, but you'll only see those if you peek under her skirt, you cheeky pervert!

Like the Ultimate figure, Chuck and Tiff are both loaded with weapons of murder, starting with Chuck's standard pistol and kitchen knife, then a larger fire axe. The paint and detail is mostly great, but for the simplistic red that doesn't run all the way up the axe hilt. There was an axe exactly like this seen in Seed of Chucky; was there one in Bride of Chucky too, or is this box set meant to secretly cover both films?

Next, Tiffany has her own smaller pistol and a proper carving knife, as well as the shovel used in the final duel with her lover. In fact both toys have their own shovels with which to attack each other, perfect to recreate the Bride of Chucky finale!

Next, a bottle of vintage "Marquis de Sade" champagne, from the memorable scene where Tiffany throws it through the mirror above the scheming couple to chop them to pieces with mirror shards, slashing their waterbed to ribbons. Then we have the amulet that got us into this mess in the first place, the Heart of Damballa, which was used to possess the dolls across the series. This is the first time we've seen it sculpted in this scale, and it's impressive, with a real metal chain so you can hang it around anyone's neck!

The fine print on the back of the box says it includes "baby"; it does not, unless you want to count the last (but not least) accessories, some of the ToY nominees of 2019, the turkey baster and jar of Charles Lee Ray semen!! I bet you never imagined you might get these for your action figure collection!! Rejoice!! Muppet Kitchen, here we come!! [Seriously, are we not doing "phrasing" any more? --ed.]

Once again, NECA have knocked it out of the park with a fresh take on a previous set. This is absolutely the Ultimate Bride of Chucky set, and a two-pack Child's Play fans must own!!

-- 02/22/20

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