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Figuretoon Quickies

"Order 64... Order 65..."

What if instead of a specific standing order, the Clones were just set to go off after receiving 66 orders? The bossy Jedis would have gotten it first, and the clever ones would just phrase everything as a request.

You can't blame Aayla, though: an army of hunky beefcake programmed to follow her every command? She'd have to be nuts not to take advantage of that.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Aayla Secura: ...and after you've cleaned out my ship's ion manifold, I want you to give R4 a tuneup (and find out why her head's the wrong shape), and the pilot's seat squeaks, so take it out and install a new one. Oh, and get me a coffee and a croissant. And make me an appointment with my lekku masseuse later...
Clone: I swear, one of these days...

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