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Figuretoon Quickies

"Famous Last Words"

Oh, yo, you just couldn't be anymore wrong, could you?

There's nothing like a well-behaved audience - at least, not in this theatre there isn't. yo go re and Mrs. yo are in for a real treat tonight, huh? Let's see who they're going to be sharing the room with:

  • Starting on the left, we have Ghostface - he's in there at the suggestion of one of our Twitter followers as someone who would be annoying on a cellphone.
  • Next to him, the one you probably overlooked until he was pointed out, is Ejector standing in for DisembAudio, the world famous synthesized voice behind RiffTrax's Patented "Perfect Synch Technology."
  • Speaking of which, we next have the most famous robots to ever set foot and/or hover skirt in a movie theatre, MST3K's Tom Servo and Croooow!
  • And of course, you can always count on Statler and Waldorf to make a night at the theatre unforgettable.

Leave it to yo go re to be 100% wrong when he makes a pronouncement, huh?

And yes, today really is yo's ninth wedding anniversary. Since he spends all his money on toys, his gift to Mrs. yo is putting her in a Figuretoon in which he makes himself look foolish. Awwww!

(And yeah, try not to think too hard about the fact that they're walking out a movie that's already playing, but acting like they're just walking in - the Aztec Theatre from the World of Springfield line was the only movie theatre toy backdrop around. The other idea was to photoshop them into seats, with all the loudmouths behind them.)

We did take a photo of all the actual toys crowded in together in a single shot, but it was too busy, and people got hidden behind the word balloons. Now only Tom's bubble head gets lost.

Last behind-the-scenes comment, we promise: the movie poster you can see is this fake Green Lantern poster. Ah, tastefully done!

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Mrs. yo: This is going to be a fun evening!
yo go re: Yes, I can't imagine a better anniversary gift than a nice, quiet evening at the movies...

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