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Figuretoon Quickies

"Rising, like Phoenix from the Ashes"

Welcome to Week 4 of "Pun Month" - four weeks of nothing but cheesy, groan-worthy jokes.

This is a simple one: the mythical phoenix dies by setting itself on fire, and in the ashes of its corpse is found an egg that hatches, giving birth to that same phoenix. Ancient people believed crazy things. Anyway, that's where we get the notion of a phoenix "rising from the ashes."

Add to that the fact that both Phoenix and Ash have had a few toys, and you've got the recipe for a one-panel gag.

The Phoenix in this shot is one of Bowen's ministatues - it's a set of Light and Dark Phoenices in the same pose, with different bases. Despite what the image seems to suggest, the photo is actually of Dark Phoenix (she was the one with the flame base); we thought her red costume would make a nice contrast with the blue worn by all the Ash figures, but it turned out that the green worked better. Rather than reassemble and reshoot the entire scene, we just used Photoshop to shift her suit.

Technically, all the figures around her aren't Ash. Sure, we've got McFarlane Ash (twice), Evil Ash, NECA Ash and S-Mart Ash, but there's also Sebastian Haff and a Man with the Screaming Brain bust filling up space.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Ashes: Gimme some sugar, baby!

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