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Figuretoon Quickies

"Yes We Klan"

Check it out! This is our one-hundredth Figuretoon! What a way to celebrate our birthday.

To get the joke, it helps if you're familiar with the KKK, and their favorite form of public discourse: hiding their cowardly faces from public view and setting fire to the symbol of the faith they use to justify being gaping racist assholes.

The original idea for this was just based on the notion that with their white suits and full hoods, Snowtroopers look a lot like Klansmen. And who doesn't like seeing the Ku Klux Klan about to get the crap beat out of them? We toyed with the idea of making a full-length Figuretoon about a bumbling group of Snowtroopers getting into all sorts of wacky situations, and making this panel one of them, but it would have been nothing but an excuse to use this gag - Luke Cage wandering into a scene that looks like a Klan rally, and severely injuring the partcipants.

We didn't have enough plain Snowtroopers to make a complete crowd, so "Snowtrooper-ish" clones joined the ranks, like the McQuarrie concept version, for instance. The Human Torches come both from ToyBiz's Superhero Showdown and Hasbro's Marvel Universe. Can't tell why they're there? Consider the fact that they're both making a "T" with their arms, and what that must look like from where Luke's standing. Burning crosses!

The MU Luke Cage figure is a slow seller, but in all honesty, yo says this toon is the entire reason he finally decided to buy it. You're welcome, economy!

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Snowtroopers: Gimme a "T!"
Torches: T!
Luke Cage: Aww hell no!
Caption: The first practice of the Snowtroopers' Cheerleading Squad ran into some unexpected trouble.

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