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Figuretoon Quickies

"The Green Team"

I believe it was Rustin who first made mention of the fact that so very many of Jack Kirby's character designs share a similar colorscheme. That we got so many of those green-and-yellow characters so close to one another on the DC Universe release schedule meant that a bunch of them were hanging around on display at the same time, which was the inspiration for this toon. It's much like this one in that way.

Clearly, Darkseid's minions have mistaken Green Arrow for one of their own. Who are they? From left to right:

There are probably some others, but that's all we have. Jack Kirby may have been a great many things, but he wasn't above falling into a rut.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Green Arrow: Honestly, guys: I've never even been to Apokalips.
Green Arrow: How could I possibly be an "escapee?"

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