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Figuretoon Quickies

"The Master Salesman"

This is one we've been sitting on for more than a year.

The idea came from... someone else. It was sent to us, in a rough form, by one of our readers. Unfortunately, it was so long ago, we forget who. If it was you, apologies! They sent it into us in March of 2009, and although we wanted to save it for a cold, wintery time to post, we forgot it last year. Whoops!

Anyway, you may have heard a salesman described as being able to sell an ice machine to an eskimo. Well, Swindle is just scummy enough to try it!

The Transformers he's making his pitch to are Break (the penguin), Big Convoy (the mammoth) and Polar Claw - you know, all TFs with cold, snowy altmodes. They're even inside an igloo!

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Swindle: I tell you, you won't believe you ever lived without the Ice-Maker 2000!

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