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Figuretoon Quickies

"Black Repaint History Month"

so many Transformers with black repaints. So many.

This is Figuretoon born purely of Twitter.

A few weeks ago we were having a conversation about February, and the fact that it's Old Toys Month. One of our readers joked "I thought it was Black Repaint History Month" - a play on both Black History Month and Transformers' propensity to release black repaints. However, at the time we let the joke pass from our minds.

All month long, another one of our followers, William Bruce West has been tweeting "Today in Black History" jokes, which are mostly nerd-related and entirely funny (and he'd better collect them all somewhere when February is over, if he knows what's good for him).

So slowly, the idea formed. We could take the idea of Black Repaint History Month from Reader A, and the style of joke from Reader B, and we'd have a final February Figuretoon! But why do any work ourselves when he could make someone else do it? We actually roped Will into writing this one for us. He couldn't pick just one, so some of the other jokes he submitted include:

"Today in Black History, the Negrocons were wiped from Transformers continuity. 'Ghettoblaster' was renamed 'Soundwave' and remains to this day.

"Today in Black Repaint History, Nemesis Prime changed his name to Nemesis X and formed the Nation of Energon."

Both of those are better than the ones we came up with: "Today in Black Repaint History, Scatman Crothers was allowed to voice Jazz, a white robot," and "Today in Black Repaint History, Rosa Sparks bravely refused to transform into the back half of a bus." But we picked this one because the Jim Crobot line was too funny to pass up.

The crowd of Transformers, obviously, is made up entirely of black repaints - every toy there was originally released in a different color. It's not every black repaint ever made, or even every one we're reviewed, but it's enough to look like a crowd. That's Shadow Blade Megatron giving the speech/history lesson, but we'll let you challenge yourself by naming all the others.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Megatron: On this date in Black Repaint History, the first Nemesis Prime was created in acccordance with Jim Crobot "separate but equal" laws.

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