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Figuretoon Quickies

"High Center of Gravity"

Remember when The Maxx was on MTV? It was paired with another cartoon, The Head, which was all about an alien living inside a guy's head. Not a tiny alien, a fairly large one, which made the guy's head balloon to ridiculous proportions. Part of the early plot was the guy, Jim, learning to deal with his new gargantuan head, which is partially the inspiration for this Figuretoon.

The other inspiration was just playing around with the toys.

The figures are Gamma Hulk and the Leader, from Minimates Series 6. And yes, Leader's head really is tall enough that the tip of his forehead can rest on the ground while his feet are still flat on the floor. That's fun.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Hulk: Haw haw, big-head man fall down!
Leader: Don't just stand there, you utter ninny, help me up!
Leader: You know my human neck can't support the weight of my cranium!

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