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Figuretoon Quickies

"Too Thin"

Young girls' body image is already enough of a problem in our world - imagine how much worse it must be in a world with superheroes - or, more specifically, with superheroines. It would be one thing if you lived in a world as drawn by Adam Hughes or Dale Eaglesham, but imagine the poor girls who have to grow up in a Jim Balent or Mike Deodato Jr universe.

As Artemis pointed out, the new DCUC17 Star Sapphire Wonder Woman is ridiculously scrawny, even by Mattel standards. She looks like a Wonder Teen, not like a Wonder Woman. Being put next to DC Direct's Wonder Woman and Star Sapphire doesn't help, though.

Now, here's the important question: is she their daughter? Little sister? Suspiciously short teammate? What's that story?

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Wonder Woman (1): Honey, Carol and I are worried about this diet of yours - it's not healthy to lose so much weight.
Wonder Woman (2): But I still feel fat!
Star Sapphire: It's those goddamn superhero toys she plays with, their body images are ridiculous...

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