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Figuretoon Quickies

"Ho Yay"

Bane, Catman and Deadshot are half the members of the Secret Six, a supervillain team so successful they not only managed to defeat the entire Secret Society of Supervillains as led by Lex Luthor and the Joker, they also managed to be the longest-running book to spin off of 2005's Infinite Crisis (a roster that included Blue Beetle and Checkmate). And as Bane said, today sees their final issue published. Perhaps most amazingly, their entire catalog is the work of one writer, Gail Simone.

In the book, Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton and Thomas "Catman" Blake are good friends - at least, as much as two psychotic killers can be friends. The threaten to kill each other, they fight, they wrestle, they get nude... and so a lot of fans would agree with Bane that they just need to get a room somewhere and work things out. Imagine that they've been yelling at each other for a good while, now, and just before this Figuretoon started, Catman's said something insulting, to which Deadshot has taken offense.

The title of this comic comes from the hateful fan term that describes the attitude between them. Deadshot and Bane come from DC Universe Classics Series 9 and 16, respectively, while Catman is in Series 2 of the just-released Batman Legacy line.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Deadshot: ...better look me in the damn eye when you say that, Blake!
Catman: I can't even see your eyes unless you take that gimp mask off, Lawton!
Bane: Hermanos, today is our final issue - would you two please just kiss and get it over with?

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