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Figuretoon Quickies

"First Encounter"

Mattel has released two figures in close succession that both not only wear big clear dome helmets over their heads, but both feature the same "put the neckpiece on, then put the head on over it" mechanic and who both dress in green. They needed to be put together. And now they have been.

The woman is the SDCC-exclusive Queen Marlena, in her alternate outfit. The man is NautKeLoi, from Green Lantern Classics Series 2. Since MotU Classics are bigger than DCU Classics, he's a little bit closer to the camera and he's standing on a small riser to bring him up to her eye level.

We considered having Naut say the same thing Marlena was, since to him she is an alien, but the illegible alien font couldn't be compressed enough to look good.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Captain Glenn: Captain's log: I begin to suspect the aliens are just mocking me, now.
NautKeLoi: <I like your bubble!>

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