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Naut Kei Loi & Medphyll

Green Lantern Classics
by yo go re

For every interesting Green Lantern, like Ch'p, Mogo or Rot Lop Fan, there are hundreds that are just a weird head on a human body. It may be boring to look at, but it works out okay for action figure manufacturers.

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The figure comes with the left leg of this series' Build-A-Figure. It's a giant piece, reaching up to the shoulder when stood next to the GL, so you know Stel is going to be humongous once he's completely assembled. It's so big, it even has to squat in the package!

The idea of making two characters as one figure was a smart one in Series 1, and it remains a smart one now: there's nothing saying you have to buy both versions, because it's only a question of packaging variations. Spend the money for one figure, get two to show off. Naut Kei Loi and Medphyll aren't the most famous Lanterns in the Corps, but they are recognizable, and they're both made well.

-- 07/10/11

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