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Figuretoon Quickies

"Taking Liberties"

If you live in a large enough (U.S.) city, you've surely seen them: people dressed like the Statue of Liberty, dancing on street corners to promote tax prep services. What's really great is when you're heading down a side street and see them walking to or from work - just a couple of random people, strolling dowwn the sidewalk, wearing green togas. Perfectly normal, perfectly natural.

This toon is designed mainly to show off how superior Minimates are to Lego Minifigures. The big Lady Liberty on the left is from the Ghostbusters 2 line, and the tiny one on the right is from Series 6 of the frustratingly blind-bagged minifigs. Hint if you're trying to feel around in a bag to find her: she and the flamenco dancer are easy to spot, because they don't have legs in the package, just that angled brick to create their dresses.

Also, this is apparently a world where Statues of Liberty are an entire race of living beings, and standing in the harbor is just one job they can get.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Big Statue of Liberty: Don't worry, shrimp: one day you'll be big enough to welcome the tired and the poor, just like me!
Li'l Statue of Liberty: What, huddled masses? Wow, no thank you! All I wanted to do was tell people where to get their taxes done!

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