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Figuretoon Quickies

"Somewhere under the rainbow"

Bumblebee peeing in a giant arc over Ratchet's head, while Arcee looks on

This Figuretoon has several inspirations, not all of which are immediately apparent. First of all, there's the obvious one: Bumblebee peeing on John Turturro in the first movie.That's what Aree is referring to, of course.

Secondly, it was just an exercise in seeing if there was anything else that could be done with Aqualad's display base - in fact, the idea of making it urine came first, and it was only later that we decided to make it about Transformers.

But the reason we came up with turning the water stream into pee in the first place is one no one is likely to guess. We've never hidden the fact that our Figuretoons were inspired by the work of Spawn Board regular Mr. Stacey. Well, in one of his toons, he had the McToys Akira Tetsuo stopping for a bathroom break in the middle of a roadtrip. Horrifically, he had Tetsuo's back to the audience, and used the giant mutated arm as his penis. Yeah, no thank you. But that gag was the ultimate inspiration for this one.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Ratchet: Stop showing off, Bumblebee. I need that coolant sample!
Arcee: At least he's not doing it on a human, this time.

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