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Figuretoon Quickies

"After the Reign"

Remember the movie Reign of Fire, which was a WWII Blitz allegory starring Christian Bale as England and Matthew McConaughey as America? That's what this toon is referencing. Draego-Man is looking for revenge for all his draconic kin who were put down in that movie, and Bale is the one to get it.

The figures really can be posed like this, no tricks: Draego-Man's joints are tight enough that he can grip Bruce Wayne by the front of his harness and hold him securely in the air.

Christian Bale's FLAWLESSLY ACCURATE ACCENT comes courtesy of the Dialectizer's Cockney setting.

And yes, some company actually did make figures based on the underrated movie Sahara. And no, none of us have them.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Dragon: Matthew McConaughey won't be saving you this time!
Christian Bale: Only because no geezer bought the bloomin' Sahara toys! Struth!

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