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Figuretoon Quickies

"The Woods Are Just Trees, the Trees Are Just Wood"

in the snowy woods, a Snow Serpent wearing a wolf-skin cape and cowl kneels in front of Snake-Eyes' pet, Timber

Be careful, Timber, that's a sheep Snow Serpent in wolf's clothing! Thus the Little-Red-Riding-Hood-inspired "grandma" reference. In fact, the title comes from Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods.

Those aren't the snowshoes the Classified Snow Serpent comes with: the toy's are a more modern style, and thus far less recognizable as snowshoes. So these are just photoshopped on. And while we were at it, we made the Snow Serpent the colors he should have been: a slightly darker body, and a substantially lighter harness.

Why isn't Timber sinking into the snow like Serpy is? Because then it looked like we'd just forgotten the feet.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Timber: My, grandma, what big snowshoes you have!

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