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Buffy Summers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Series 1
by yo go re

When it came time for Moore Action Collectibles to move their action figure line beyond the pages of comicbooks, they first looked to the WB's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show was white-hot, rife with toyetic characters, yet still under-merchandised. MAC set out to change that.

As long as there have been demons walking the earth, there has been a Slayer... a Chosen One... a girl with the strength and skill to hunt and kill vampires and other evil creatures that roam the earth. Sunnydale High School student Buffy Summers reluctantly fights off demons by night, while juggling the traumas of high school by day. Sometimes, the demons are easier.

The first series of Buffy figures was comprised of four figures and based on Season 1 of the show. With a look of determination on her face, Buffy is wearing jeans, a white shirt, and the leather jacket she got from Angel. The detailing is pretty good, giving us wrinkles and folds in all the proper places - they even remembered to give Buffy the silver cross she wears around her neck as a last defense. She's got a several rings on, perfect for adding some "oomph" to those punches she delivers to baddies on a nightly basis.

Debuting in 1995, BtVS is one of the forerunners of the current "girl power" movement. Creator Joss Whedon's idea was to take the typical blonde cheerleader that would normally be the first victim in a horror movie and put her in the position of being the savior (much like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween). The figure reflects Buffy's strength and confidence with its pose - with all her weight resting on one leg, she's ready to kick some undead ass.

The figures in Buffy Series 1 came with an ornate stone base emblazoned with the stylized "B" logo. The base has a peg that fits into the hole on the figure's foot, helping her stand. She comes with two stakes, a dagger, and a crossbow.

There are two variants of the original Buffy, both with the same accessories: members of the MAC Collectors' Club could purchase a repainted Buffy in black pants and a blue jacket; "Prophecy Girl" Buffy (based on the episode of the same name) was available through ToyFare magazine, and had Buffy's white prom gown beneath a brown leather jacket.

Standing 6" tall, Buffy features eight points of articulation and keen fashion sense.

-- 09/02/02

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