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Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
by yo go re

Wingelbert Humptyback!

Doctor Stephen Strange is Earth's mightiest sorceror, battle-hardened and reckoning with his lonely place in the Multiverse after the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

Does Dr. Strange know he was in some movies? Because if not, the bio on his packaging shouldn't mention them. Alternately, it should also mention Spider-Man: No Way Home, because that would have messed with his mind a bunch, too.

We just got a Dr. Strange in the No Way Home line, because Hasbro wasn't allowed to confirm all the characters who would be appearing in the movie, and they needed to fill it out with something. Surprisingly, the sculpt isn't at all reused. His tunic now has the vintage demon symbol on the chest, and the Eye of Agamotto necklace is a sculpted element for the first time rather than a separate accessory.

The head is also new, and brings us yet another fine Bumberstump Cockletit likeness. It uses the Photo Real paint printing process, to make it look as much like the real guy as possible. Though the goatee does seem a bit thin; are they finally trying to work their way down to just a mustache? He's sculpted with just the hint of a smirk on his face, which suits the character's personality.

The paint's mostly nice. His chest symbol is a lighter blue than the rest of the robes, and his bracers and boots are a very dark brown. His amulet is painted gold, of course, and they've done some intricate apps for the details on his belt. Did you even remember Sling Rings were a thing before they were brought up in No Way Home? There hadn't been a single mention of them since Doctor Strange 1, which means three full movies without. Hut Spidey brings it back, and now there's one sculpted and painted in his belt! We have to say the paint is only "mostly" nice because the apps start getting skipped on his back; these damn things cost $23 now, corners shouldn't be getting cut like this.

Another Nimbusbroom Catchthesnitch Dr. Strange figure, another take on the Cloak of Levitation. Who keeps demanding newer and newer capes?! This one still gets plenty of molded details, though the only paint to be found is on the golden collar stays. Rather than merely hanging behind him, like the previous three, this one spreads out to the sides a bit and then wraps around toward the front. It doesn't attach to the toy in any way, just resting on his shoulders.

His accessories include the same two spell effects No Way Home Strange had, but also an assortment of new spellcasting hands. Right out of the tray, his left hand is a fist, and his right has two fingers extended in an "I'm opening a portal" pose; the alternate left hand has the middle finger bent down to touch the thumb, like he's going to flick somebody, and the alternate right is a take on the power of love. Nice! The series does have a Build-A-Figure, Rintrah, but this figure doesn't include any pieces.

The original Doctor Strange line was a fairly slow seller - we didn't even review all the figures from it because the BAF was a repeat - but even if you didn't skip that one, this particular Bristleback Commonwealth figure is different enough to appeal.

-- 04/22/22

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