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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
by yo go re

Hey Hasbro, remember when you included a little bio for the Gilgamesh Build-A-Figure on all the packages, and it was a really cool idea that everybody liked? Why are you not still doing that?

In the comics, Rintrah is an alien from the planet R'Vaal who met Dr. Strange when the Cloak of Levitation was ripped in battle; Strange had to find someone capable of repairing it, and Rintrah was that someone's apprecentice. He later became Strange's apprentice, and his role generally seemed to be "hanging around Strange's house and startling any other heroes who came to visit." Like, seriously, Namor, Spider-Man, and Major Victory all mistook him for a demon at different times, which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened three times.

Movie Rintrah is the Build-A-Figure for the (first?) series of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness figures, and is built from six pieces. You don't need to get the plain Stephen Strange, but get the rest of the series and you can build one of the visually distinct residents of Kamar-Taj.

Rintrah is a totally normal member of his species. All the R'Vaalians look like big green minotaurs, so we get a bovine head with large, curling horns. Actually, that may not be right: I'm not sure if we've ever seen any other R'Vaalians, so maybe they're not all mint green. Maybe they come in all sorts of colors. Maybe it's racist to think they all look alike. Space-racist.

You can tell this is movie Rintrah because comic Rintrah doesn't wear clothes. He's a big green minotaur, what does he care about your human concept of modesty? This one wears plain maroon pants and a tunic with a wide brown belt. He's also got some straps on his wrists, and a couple earrings in his right ear. The parts of him that are visible outside the clothes (lower legs, forearms, head, chest) are sculpted with a furry texture, which is as it should be. He's got hooves and a tail, and, like all good animated characters, three fingers and a thumb on each hand.

The articulation isn't the best we've seen on a minotaur action figure, but it's fine. He's got a barbell head, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and wrists, a balljointed waist, balljoint hips, swivel thighs, swivel hinge knees, swivels where the legs emerge from the pants, and swivel/hinge feet. The heels or whatever they are (the pantleg joints) could have been swivel/hinges as well, but having swivels is still better than just square pegs glued in place. Like several of the figures in this line, the plastic used for the knee joints is slightly softer than you might expect, so be careful posing him. You get your choice of gripping hands or fists - a fine choice, since comic Rintrah once cold-cocked the Hulk!

Rintrah also got a POP! from Funko, and that one is shown holding a golden lamp: the same lamp that came with Astral Form Dr. Strange, so it may be an accessory intended for this BAF. Is Rintrah the keeper of the official Kamar-Taj genie lamps? Ask us again a week after this review is posted, we'll tell you then.

Rintrah is a nice choice for a Build-A-Figure. He's larger than a normal figure and a weird design that wouldn't necessarily work in a normal package. Plus, it's a distinctive look that will be recognizable to fans of the comics. So until Hasbro figures out how to do a massive Shuma-Gorath in the Illuminati-themed Series 2, Rintrah is a neat inclusion for Series 1.

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-- 04/29/22

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