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Final Faction
by yo go re

You've gotta admit, they do look Creepy.

Small in stature but deadly in numbers, Crawlers can quickly swarm their enemies. Crawlers are the Kharn's first line of defense with their armor piercing limbs.

So, first things first: when that bio said "deadly in numbers," the pack clearly decided to take that to heart, because when you spend your $1.25 on this toy, you actually get two Crawlers! How are you gonna beat two toys for a buck and a quarter?

While the Huntra certainly had some shapes that fit with the typical Kharn aesthetic, the Crawler looks like a baby Synthoid - its central body is nearly identical to the Synthoid's distinctive head-shell. Its eight eyes are arranged differently, being on top of the shelf instead of below it, but you could easily see the two creatures coming from convergent evolution.

The Crawlers have four legs and two little arms or pincers or mandibles or what have you. The armored hooks on the rear legs are highly reminiscent of the Rumbler's Armored Thrasher Claws, and the front legs have sweeping curves like the Synthoid arms. The pair of little grabbers in the front have the same sort of organic feeling as all the Kharn, so there's no question where this little bug belongs.

When I saw two Crawlers inside the blister card, I figured they would basically be unarticulated pieces, but I was wrong. All six appendages on the mold are hinged to move horizontally along the body, giving you some options in display. Push all the limbs back, for a sturdier base; push them all forward, for a thing that looks like it's going to scuttle sideways, like a crab. Plenty of fun! There's one mystery involving these Crawlers, though: their butt holes.

On the rear of each figure are two perfectly round, evenly spaced... sockets, for want of a better term. They look like something is meant to plug in there, but there's nothing on these toys or any others that seem appropriate for the task. Like, are we going to be getting an accessory set? Are they meant to attach to something? We'll have to wait to find out.

The little guys are painted very nicely, at least. Their limbs are all the same shade of "Kharn purple" they're molded in, but their upper carapaces get a pleasant metallic sheen to accentuate how armored they are, and the eyes are picked out in red. It's simple work, but effective.

At this size and this pricepoint, the Final Faction Crawlers are irresistable. Picture a swarm of the things clambering all over Doctor Strange's sanctum or Star-Lord's ship, and you'll start to see how they can fit into nearly any type of display. Plus, two of them in a single package for the price of one! Some companies would have just sold them solo and pocketed the difference, but you'll have trouble finding anything else that's this much fun for this little cost.

-- 08/18/23

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