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Final Faction
by yo go re

Send in the disposable cannon fodder!

The Kharn Drone Class is a basic grunt used for combat and labor operations. Not highly intelligent but more intelligent than a Brute and able to accomplish moderate mission tasks, they can occasionally guide a Brute to a target of interest.

So are Drones and Brutes bred differently from the beginning, or do they start from the same stock and differentiate later? Like, if you're a "basic grunt" drone, do you get promoted to being a Brute, and grow supider in the process? They sit you down with a Quora account, a Praeger U YouTube playlist, every episode where Ben Shapiro appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast, and unfettered access to Twitter's Blue-Check crowd, and let nature take its course? There's no such thing as a genetically determined intelligence in humans, but maybe there is in the Kharn.

The Drone is the same general shape as Diabol, just scrawnier. Clearly, we can assume that's just standard Kharnian anatomy. Wait, Kharnian? Kharnish? Kharnese? Kharnesian? Whataver. The giant pointy feet, the digitigrade legs, the sort of armored spikes on the joints... those are all part of the Kharnican phenotype, it seems. It is nice that they all look like the same species, just with different builds. Like, for Xenomorphs, you have to get into weird, made-up variations before you get anything that doesn't look like hordes of the same thing.

This is the "Venomized" Drone, meaning the sculptural details are hard to see because he's molded in solid black with green paint brushed over the front slightly. The fact that the green is so heavily applied to the chin honestly just gives the impression that he's depressed from the things he's seen at war, and is trying to dissociate by huffing paint from a brown paper bag.

Final Faction figures only move at the Big Five - hips, shoulders, and neck - and since this is a cost-saving repaint, that's not going to change here. That's not a lot of movement, but since the toy only costs $1.25, we don't feel insulted by the slight. The big feet keep the Drone stable, even when holding a weapon straight out in front of the body.

The Drone includes a single... gun... thing? Its curving lines definitely fit in with the other Kharn tech we've seen, and it seems like it could be used to slash at enemies instead of only shooting. It's a decent little piece, and the Dron'e hands are shaped to hold it perfectly. There's also a Drone-specific weapons pack, but it's not available in Venom colors (yet), so it won't blend with the bright green of this unnamed thing.

I haven't gotten any of the "plain" Kharn troops yet, just the robots and the named characters. The Venom repaint finally got me to try some of the cannonfodder, and it turned out exactly as espected: not stunning, but good fun and a great value.

-- 04/28/23

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