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by yo go re

Say hello to your worst nightbear.

Ragsy's... Ragsy's been goin' through it, okay? Maybe give Ragsy some space to process everything. And listen to Ragsy when Ragsy talks about shields. Ragsy wants to help.

Remember when Hasbro got the Overwatch license and started fairly well, but almost immediately dropped off? Should we be concerned that the second series of their Fortnite line is almost impossible to find anywhere? I got this figure around Easter, and it's the only time I've seen that series at all, anywhere. All my local stores still have the Series 1 figures on the pegs - not as many as they initially did (so they are selling), but still those figures. So hopefully Ragsy will not be another Zarya.

Ragsy is part of the Leftovers, an entire set of cosmetics released throughout 2019. All (but one) of them were versions of existing characters, done in a post-apocalyptic style, like they'd been fighting some unknown battle and were getting tired. Ragsy was quite apparently once the Cuddle Team Leader, though her suit is much the worse for wear. The mask is more threadbare than before, there are taped X's over the eyes, and she has what is either an earring made from a shotgun shell, or she's been tagged like a wild animal.

The rest of her jammies aren't faring much better. In fact, the only thing left of what used to be a full-body suit is a belly-baring crop top. She wears a leather harness around her shoulders and upper chest, and then that runs down into the pants she's wearing - not joining the belt, actually into the pants. She's got one pantleg pulled up to her knee, exposing a gray sock that matches the gloves she's wearing. The belt has large protective pads over the hips, and several ammo clips hanging from the front. It looks like she's wearing a jacket, but she's not: it's a vest, judging by the skin's alternate styles. Because you can choose whether to have her wearing it or not, but she's always got the dark sleeves. Weird! Even the spiked pad on her left shoulder exists away from the rest of the "jacket."

Unlike McFarlane's figure, Hasbro has not given her any fur texture, which isn't too noticable on the shirt, but is disappointing on the head. Again looking at the renders, her teddy onesie should be complete in the back, with just the stomach ripped away, but this toy is skin-pink on the small of her back, not bear-pink. Would not have expected her to have two lines of stars tattooed down her abdomen - do you think those were always there under her costume, or did she pick them up in whatever alternate timeline she hails from?

Hasbro is known for good articulation, so Ragsy moves just like you'd want. She has swivel/hinge ankles, swivel shins, double-hinged knees, swivel thighs, balljointed hips, balljointed waist, hinged chest, swivel/​hinge wrists, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge shoulders, and barbell joints for the neck and head. The ankles are a little soft, so you need to be careful when posing her or else she'll fall over. The belt and vest are PVC, so they can flex a bit when she's moving. Technically you could remove the vest to create her alternate look, but you'd have to find a way to get it over that big shoulder pad, and that's probably not happening.

Most of the Victory Royale Series figures come with one weapon, one Harvesting Tool, and one Back Bling. Depending on how you want to count it, Ragsy may break with that tradition. Her backpack is the "Heartless" piece, which came bundled with this skin. It's got an angular pink heart with white in the center and her broken heart icon, but it's got ammo strapped around the sides and bottom (and they skipped the pink paint app for the lower tip of the heart, as well as some yellow on the backpack and boots, and icons on the pickaxes). Her Harvesting Tool is actually two: the Snack Attackers, a pair of ornate axes with the likenesses of Beef Boss and Tomatohead built into them. They work as a pair in the game, so it's not a question of different styles or anything - she'd really use two at once. Finally, she has a Tactical Shotgun in Epic or Legendary rarity.

Ragsy is a decent figure, but more could have been done with her - mostly texture on her fur, and full paint apps all over. A couple cut corners aren't the worst thing in the world, but the (lack of) availability is worrying.

-- 06/24/22

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