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Bolt Gundam

G Gundam
by yo go re

Dragon, Maxter, Rose, and now Bolt Gundam; there's only one main character left after this.

Bolt Gundam Set in Future Century 60, it is the year of the 13th Gundam Fight! Each country has sent their Gundam to Earth in hopes of winning power and glory for their homeland. Which Gundam will rule the universe? Gundam fight ready, go!

Each Gundam on the show is designed to represent its country. Or, more accurately, what Japanese animators think of its country. Neo-America's Gundam Maxter, run by a pilot with pink-streaked hair and a support team of bikini girls, combines football, boxing, surfing and cowboys. God, Japan hates us. Of course, it could be worse; Neo-Italy's Neros Gundam is a giant metal gladiator.

See?  Hat. Bolt Gundam (I have no idea where the name comes from) has a fairly unimpressive design. Representing Neo-Russia, Bolt Gundam's bulky body is supposed to look like the type of thick, heavy coat worn to stave off the cold, while his head looks somewhat like a fur cap. Meh.

Argo Gulsky is a convicted felon, serving his sentence as Neo-Russia's Gundam pilot. He is overseen by Natasha Zabigov, who looks suspiciously like the Baroness, and is kept in line by both a threat against his friends back in the gulag and a bomb strapped his his chest. In keeping with this jailhouse origin, Bolt Gundam's weapon - the Graviton Hammer - is patterned after the convict's ball and chain.

Hammer time

In addition to the hammer included in the package, Bolt Gundam has another handy: the ball is embedded in his left shoulder, while the handle stores in his forearm.

This figure also includes a transformable core lander. Sort of a stylized flying car, the core lander is part simple transportation and part control module. The lander folds in half and plugs into the back of the Gundam, providing a cockpit and rocket boosters to the lumbering giant.

Cars are fun!

This version of Bolt Gundam is part of the Battle Scarred series of figures. Featuring weathered paint jobs and "damaged" sculpts, the line draws from all the Gundam series for its fodder. In the case of the G Gundam figures, the damage is often based directly on what we see on the show.

When Bolt Gundam faced Dragon Gundam in the Guyana Highlands, he was in danger of losing. Pinned to the ground, he opted to rip his own arm off rather than concede victory. In honor of that, this figure is completely lacking his right arm - it's not even included in the package.

Most of the Battle Scarred G Gundam figures come with a detailed base. Bolt Gundam's base represents the rocky terrain of the Guyana Highlands, and has two ringpost-style pillars in the dirt. The base measures about 5" x 4 1/4" and 2" tall.

Hey, we DID land on Plymouth Rock!

At 4 1/2" tall, Bolt Gundam is seen here in 1/144th scale. He moves at the neck, shoulder, bicep, elbow, wrist, waist, hips, knees and ankles.

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