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Marvel Legends
by yo go re

Hey look, it's Fortnite Thor!

Thor does the unthinkable when he becomes the newest Herald of Galactus, aligning with the Great Devourer to stop an even greater threat!

That "even greater threat" is the Black Winter, the being that destroyed Galactus' original reality; Black Winter eats realities the way Galactus eats planets. Thor needed to lead Gally to five planets Silver Surfer had hidden from him to power the big guy up, and in the middle of that quest, they took a brief side-trip to Fortlandia.

Technically Thor was All-Father by the time Galactus conscripted him, but becoming a Herald rejuvenated him, restoring his arm and his eye. He now wears a lttle angled tiara, and his light blond hair trails almost to his waist. The toy's eyes are blank white, which may be a result of the Power Cosmic, or may just represent him using his normal powers.

Thortnite gets a new costume, which means new molds. The armor on the arms and legs is similar to the Oliver Coipel look, but he's got big shoulder pauldrons, spiked bracers, and knee-high boots with angled red sections around the shins. His black tunic should really be speckled with stars, but it's not. The way the white stripes on his chest form a large ᚦ - the rune thurisaz, equivalent of the letter "thorn." In other words, he's got his first initial of his name on his shirt! The Mighty Þor. How very Superman.

The vertical bar from the ᚦ continues up over Thor's shoulder, providing a white hem along one edge of his cape. That's very cool. The cape itself is solid red on the outside, but fades from red up to purple on the inside. That's very nicely done, but like we said, there should be a starfield on the black sections of the costume, and that wasn't done. It was an important part of the design, so its absence is felt. His yellow hair is very pale, but not as much as the comics; there, it was nearly white. The contrast between the parts is nice: the vibrant red, the solid black, the gleaming yellow. And, of course, the pulsating blue.

Thor comes with Mjolnir, as you'd expect, and a new lightning effect to wrap around it. Both the hammer and the electricity are molded from translucent blue plastic. That works, since while he was the Herald of Galactus, his hammer seemed to be glowing like this at all times. The toy includes an alternate pair of fists if you don't want him holding the weapon in one hand and gesturing with the other. In that case, the handle of the hammer can be tucked into the loop slung against his right hip. Because the handle slips through a solid part of the energy effect, the lightning can't be put on or taken off when the figure is holding the hammer, only when it's out of his hand.

Impressively, this release also includes two pack-ins: Odin's ravens, Huginn and Muninn; Thought and Memory. One of them is posed sitting quietly, while the other has his wings spread wide. They don't actually sit on the figure anywhere, they're just meant to stand on the ground near him. Still a really neat inclusion, though. Only drawback is their little legs are going to be prone to getting bent when it's time for Thor to go someday into storage. Thorage.

Despite being entirely new molds and having two little buddies, Thor still comes with the head of this series' Controller Build-A-Figure. Wasn't expecting that! Usually the all-new sculpts will get shorted in that regard.

It's possible Hasbro will reuse these molds for their Fortnite line - after all, if Snake-Eyes can get an official FN release, it's fully possible Thor could, too. When else are they going to reuse all these expensive molds?

-- 11/10/22

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