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Mr. Brown

Reservoir Dogs
by yo go re

Mr. Brown isn't in Reservoir Dogs for very long - sure, he easily dominated the conversation in the film's opening, but by the time we see him next, he's really got very little to say; I guess a gaping head wound will do that to you.

"Let me tell you what 'Like a Virgin' is about..."

They were four perfect strangers assembled to pull off the perfect crime. Their simple robbery explodes into a violent ambush. Realizing in the aftermath that one of them is a rat, no one can be trusted.

Quentin Tarantino is the mind behind this neo-noir piece, writing and directing as well as taking a small role. He's been accused of stealing scenes wholecloth from other films, but that was intentional - he took scenes that you'd seen a hundred times and injected new life into them with his novel approach to storytelling.

When production of the action figures began, Tarantino initially said that he wasn't interested in becoming a toy. He changed his mind, however, but it was too late to put him in the first assortment; Mezco toyed with the idea of releasing Brown in an anniversary pack with the others, but wisely decided that wouldn't be fair to those who'd already bought the previous figures. More proof that Mezco is a company that respects its fans!

While in my reviews of the other four Res Dogs figures, I said that none of them re-used parts, that doesn't hold true for Mr. Brown; his hands and body are the same as Mr. Orange, which means that he's got the same over-long leg. Brown stands about 6¾" tall, and features 20 points of articulation, so while he's about the same scale as Movie Maniacs, he and his fellow Dogs are much, much more poseable. Another major difference between Mezco and McFarlane is the facial sculpt - Quentin is almost a living cartoon himself, so having an exaggerated face works for him.

Mr. Brown comes with a section of sidewalk that links up with the other figures to create the famous slo-mo walk - the same O3 section as Mr. Orange - and a second disk base to assist hard to balance poses. His removable sunglasses are a unique style, wider and flatter than the others', and his alternate hand that can hold either his pistol or revolver. Yes, he has two guns, so that you can give the extra to Mr. Pink to make up for his firearm shortcomings.

Another accessory exclusive to this figure is a real paper Reservoir Dogs script that is microprinted and stitched together for realism, though some of the dicier expletives have been replaced with their PG-13 cousins. "Dong," "frick," "bullcrud," you get the idea. The only thing that's big enough to read unaided is the beginning of Joe Cabot's "Toby... Toby... who the [frick] is Toby?" bit. Everything else? You'd need a jeweler's loupe to even tell those were letters, not just randomly spaced dots.

Mr Brown is an exclusive figure, limited to 3,000 pieces and available only from AisleSniper.com (if you're interested, I got #2,998). [edit: as of January 15, 2005, they're shutting down permanently. Thank you for four good years, guys!] I do recommend this figure to fans of the movie, or even just fans of the man - heck, you could even customize a Syndey Bristow figure and re-enact your favorite scenes from that two-parter of Alias if you wanted. Of course, Mr. Brown's going to be a bit hard to find now, though the hunt is worth it.

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-- 09/14/02

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