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Mr. Pink

Reservoir Dogs
by yo go re

"I didn't create this situation, I'm dealing with it."

They were four perfect strangers assembled to pull off the perfect crime. Their simple robbery explodes into a violent ambush. Realizing in the aftermath that one of them is a rat, no one can be trusted.

If Mr. Pink is to be believed, he's the only "professional" in the group; he kept his cool, he never gave up any secrets, and he knew when to keep his head down. He was also a cheap bastard and prone to whining. Played by Steve Buscemi, Mr. Pink was the vaguely uneasy and self-serving member of the gang. He's also the only character whose real name is never revealed (among other things).

Despite just being four guys in black suits, the detail given to the Dogs is quite impressive: every part of every figure is unique; though it would have meant cheaper production costs, nothing was reused; they each even have their own style of shoes. The poses are different, the body types are different, but the attitudes are the same. Mr. Pink's one of the more balanced figures, which is kind of ironic, isn't it? He's normally so squirrely. Though technically he should be wearing jeans, not dress pants. His left index finger sticks out strangely and is a bit too short for his hand; what's up with that?

Pink stands just under 7" tall and features 20 points of articulation, so while he's the same general height as McFarlane Toys' Movie Maniacs, he's much more flexible. There are joints at the neck, shoulders, lower biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, thighs, knees and shins. You can tell who this is supposed to be (it's hard to miss those creepy eyes of his) even though the likeness isn't as true to life as McToys' sculpts. Mezco took some artistic liberty with the facial sculpt, but still did a good job. And what are the odds of getting another Steve Buscemi toy?

Like all the Reservoir Dogs figures, Mr. Pink comes with a section of the street scene and a second disk base to assist those hard to balance poses. He's also got removable sunglasses, which are styled a lot like Mr. White's, but actually extend over his ears rather than plugging into his hair. There's one alternate hand, capable of holding the included satchel of diamonds (it doesn't open, sadly) or perhaps a pistol. Of course, you'll have to borrow one of the other figures' - at Buscemi's request, his figure does not come with a gun - way to put forth a band-aid solution, Steve.

Actually, according to an interview with Michael Madsen in ToyFare magazine, we've probably got Mrs. Buscemi to thank for the lack of heat packed with this figure. Make of that what you will. Remember Mr. Pink's complaint about what his name sounded like? I think Mr. Pink is "pink"whipped.

We've gone this far without even mentioning the packaging. The figures are sold on blister cards (rather than those clamshells McFarlane has started using all the damn time) with red and black graphics. There are molded bullet holes on the blister, with matching images printed behind them. The card is designed to look slightly worn - much like the Pulp Fiction poster was.

If you have a decent home audio system, crank it up and listen to the closing scenes of the movie. If you can get past Harvey Keitel's crying, you'll hear what happens to Mr. Pink after he leaves the warehouse: he grabs a car, crashes as the police shoot out the tires, and is crying about that when they handcuff him. Basically, he's the only man left standing, and he gets to take the rap for the entire heist. Poor guy. That's what he gets for being a professional.

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-- 09/13/02

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