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Mrs. Fields

by yo go re

To fully enjoy this review, make sure you allow cookies.

It looks like Dairy Queen is finally going to have a neighbor, because as fun as the vending machine was, miWorld is really about the shops. This time we're going to Mrs. Fields, home of the $2 cookie. You know you can make dozens of cookies yourself at home with about $2 worth of ingredients, right?

Mrs. Fields is a Starter Set, so it measures 7¾" wide and deep, and 8½" tall, and has just two walls - the walls have their stickers already applied, while the floor gets detail from a thin piece of cardboard that is only held in place by the pressure of the walls plugging in. The floor also now has the miWorld logo in the corner, which kind of ruins the illusion. The details on the walls are flat, of course, so they only look right from certain angles - it's particularly blatant when you're dealing with shelves and cabinets.

To fill the store, the set includes a small counter (3¼" x 3" x 1⅜"), a larger display counter (5" x 3¼" x 2") with a clear top, a cash register, and a bar stool with a red seat. Naturally, there are stickers to go on all of those except the stool, to pretty up the display. The counters gets fake cookies, while the register gets buttons and a digital readout. Somebody is spending $7.15 on cookies.

Or maybe on cookies and a drink. The real draw of these sets is the slew of fun accessories they come with, and Mrs. Fields Cookie Shop has a bunch! We start with a cake stand, and a big cookie cake to go in it. The cookie has a smiling sun in the center, and red and yellow icing around the edge; the cake stand is two pieces, with a clear plastic dome over top. There's a blue cup with a white lid (actually the cup is molded in red, then covered in a blue sticker), and 18 cookies that get divided among three red plastic trays - six sugar cookies, and a dozen chocolate chip. Finally, there's a single blue plate, for dainty cookie-eaters on the go.

As mentioned above, there are also Collector Packs, bagged accessory sets designed as "refills" for your sets. There are two different Collector Packs based on each store: one Mrs. Fields refill includes two hot chocolate cups, a cookie cake, and a cardboard box to carry it in; the other has six triple chocolate cookies, a paper bag, and a pumpkin chiller (which is the same as the shake in the DQ set, just without the cherry on top painted red).

The miWorld sets are theoretically in a 5" scale
(judging by the 4½"-tall employee figures you can buy, who are all teen girls), but as we showed you last time, pretty much anything between 4" and 8" will look mostly okay. Sure, the things at the ends of that range will look slightly out-of-place, but doesn't that just make it funnier? Imagine Darth Vader struggling to reach the counter, or Hellboy attempting to squeeze himself behind the counter. It's fun and hilarious. Funlarious. Or you could just ignore the set altogether, and hand out cookies to your entire Justice League.

miWorld Starter Sets retail for $15, which is a fair price for all the accessories you're getting. The Collector Packs add a few dollars more, but they really do make the scene look much fuller. And even if you're just going to have Shocka's heroes and personal friends, Kurt Angle and Booker T, throw down behind the counter, it's a worthy addition to your mall.

-- 08/12/15

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