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Morphed Cammy

Power Rangers x Street Fighter
by yo go re

Go go power wedgie!

When Cammy gets a Power Coin, her awesome fighting style gets a boost from the grid.

While Ryu got his powers in a movie and Chun-Li got hers in the game, but the next two, Ken and Cammy, didn't get theirs anywhere. Seriously: at no point in Power Rangers Legacy Wars does Cammy ever get a Power Coin, meaning you're free to invent your own story for what happened. Maybe she took the place of Kat Hillard, and was used to spy on the good guys, but broke free and was granted a Power Coin so she could help make up for things; it kind of mirrors Cammy's existing history with M. Bison and Shadaloo, so why not? Now that we have said it, it must be canon!

Cammy's morphed form is Stinging Crane Ranger, easily the least logical name so far. Hawks can be crimson, phoenices can blaze, but cranes don't sting. Presumably it's a nod to her Shadaloo agent codename of "Killer Bee"? That would also explain the diamond shape on her golden shield armor, which calls to mind the tiny necktie she wears with her "evil" costume. The molding on the Crane Shield is soft, leaving the edges rounded rather than standing out crisply, which is disappointing. She's still wearing her heavy armored gloves, complete with the attached elbow pad on the left.

Honestly, making her some sort of Pink Ranger variant makes a bit of sense: the shape of the visor on her Crane helmet is the same as Pink's, just without the inclusion of a pterodactyl on the forehead. What it does have, however, is a big red pad on top, representing Cammy's usual beret. It's not as seamless as Ryu's headband, but it's definitely a very "Cammy" element that helps underscore who the character is meant to be.

The beret and gloves are the same brick red color, while the helmet is green, matching her unitard. Because Power Ranger suits don't allow for bare skin, her arms and legs are covered and colored; they're both blue, with the arms (and boots) being light blue, and the legs slightly darker. Another nod to her darker days are the markings on her legs: when she's good, they're streaks of camo paint; when she's bad, they're lightning bolts. Of course, this is the Lightning Collection, so that's what this toy gets. (Amusing side note: Cammy's Shadaloo costume first appeared in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, so she's no stranger to gaining new looks from non-canon crossovers.)

Speaking of things she gets because she's part of the Lightning Collection, Cammy moves at the ankles, boots, knees, thighs, hips, waist, chest, wrists, forearms elbows, biceps, shoulders, and head, with the hips being the kind that are a balljoint on a hinge, and the shoulders including both swivel/hinges and a pectoral hinge for the widest range of motion. There's no looseness or wobbliness in her joints, though the inclusion of swivels both at the top and bottom of her gloves is superfluous. Also, because she's Cammy, her helmet has holes where her incredible braids can hang out, and on this toy, those braids are balljointed so they can swing around as she fights.

Cammy has an extra pair of hands so she doesn't have to be clenching her fists all the time. The right hand has the fingers splayed, while the left has the fingers together in a chopping motion. She has three translucent green energy effects: a flat swirl that fits onto her right knuckles, a big conical spiral that fits onto her toes, and a crane made of lightning that's presumably supposed be be her powered-up projectile attack. "Presumably," because not a single one of these actually appears in the game. No Ranger suit in the game, no Ranger powers in the game, simple as that. The figure does include the same clear stand to hold the effects up, of course.

It's weird that Hasbro has just straight-up invented a couple of Street Fighter Rangers, but weirder still that they haven't been added to the game. The Stinging Crane Ranger may not be directly based on anything, but she still fits with the established characters.

-- 06/01/23

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