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Cannon Spike Cammy

Street Fighter
by yo go re

Though Street Fighter's tiny British commando Cammy was already released as part of Series 2 of SOTA's figures, they also brought her along to SDCC as one of their exclusives. Now, this wasn't just another costume color change, like most of their variants - this was something larger. She wasn't even from the same game any more!

Cannon Spike Cammy Though a small warrior, Cammy is deadly nonetheless as a swift and precise assassin. Her blows are focused on her enemies' weakest points, and she can avoid most attacks with graceful ease. Her legs are very strong and can flip a man three times her size with little effort. Her main target is M. Bison, and should she succeed in locating him, she may learn that the truth is sometimes best left unknown.

This is Cannon Spike Cammy, Cammy's Cannon Spike which sounds like it's supposed to represent one of her special moves: hit forward, down, forward crouch and kick, and little Cammy launches herself (and whoever's unlucky enough to be in front of her foot) into the air, before finishing with a nice little flip and landing on her feet. But that's not what it is.

Capcom loves to milk its existing characters for all they're worth - the prime example being the Marvel vs. Capcom games, a menagerie of characters from various games all punching each other for no reason. Well, wanting to crank out a quick third-person shooter, they stocked it with characters from their other games: Mega Man, Baby Bonnie Hood, Ghosts N Goblins' Arthur, and a few Street Fighters, including Cammy. The game they created? Cannon Spike. Thus, Cannon Spike Cammy.

The braids. Look at the braids. CS Cammy's got the same basic body as her SF counterpart, so she looks just as good, but has all the same flaws. The design is good, but her legs - her main source of attack in the games - lack definition. She should really look more muscular; she'd pop you like a grape, little boy. They did do a good job with those twin braids of hers, though.

Though the majority of Cammy's costume is just that cameltoe-inducing one-piece, she's still got plenty of detail in her this armbands and gloves. While the girl can kick like a mule, these metal greaves really help her pack a punch. She's got one studded pad on her right elbow, and a pair on her knees - one of the new design elements that comes from Cannon Spike.

rollergirl The plot of the game, if you can call it that, was a bunch of warriors getting together to destroy robots or something. It doesn't matter. Cannon Spike was an arcade game, so it didn't actually need a good story or anything - it just needed to entertain you enough to keep you pumping quarters into it. To give the characters the swift mobility required for this type of game, they all had skateboards or rocket boots or some other form of transportation. Cammy got a stylin' pair of rollerblades, which are re-created nicely here.

it's so she doesn't poke her eye out with her hair The skates are really detailed nicely, with the appropriate technological look. Cammy's up on her toes, making her a little taller than the standard figure - 6 1/2". Each of the skates has three free-spinning wheels, a really impressive touch. To help keep the figure from falling over, she comes with a thick, magnetic disc base that holds her in place.

get your war on Since she's no longer just fighting with her fists, Cammy's got a nice selection of accessories, starting with CZ Scorpion and Uzi submachine guns. A pistol is holstered under her left arm, and a short knife is sheathed on her right thigh. To complement her commando look, she's got a headset that fits over her left eye. Yes, it's reused from the standard set, but recolored to have a red lens and black body. Cannon Spike Cammy has two sets of hands, both of which are new to this variant.

Articulation is standard for the SF line: head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, torso, waist, hips, knees, boots and ankles. It's really a shame that SOTA used normal balljoints for Cammy's hips - now that we've seen how good ToyBiz can make women's hip articulation look, joints like this are just outdated.

The original Cammy figure was no slouch, but this Cannon Spike exclusive is even better. The accesories are impressive, even if you've never heard of the game they're from, and the big magnetic base means you can try some more extreme poses. Really, even if you already have the regular Series 2 figure or one of her color variants, Cannon Spike Cammy is different enough to warrant a purchase - she's much better than SOTA's other effort this year, USA Guile.

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