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Stan Lee

The Simpsons 25th Anniversary
by yo go re

Didn't we already review this guy?

Comics legend Stan Lee made a rare cameo appearance in Season 13's "I Am Furious (Yellow)" as a customer in Comic Book Guy's store The Android's Dungeon. His superpower: refusing to take a hint from Comic Book Guy that it was time to leave.

Heh. "A rare cameo." Cute. Stan Lee is best known as the inspiration for Mattel's Masters of the Universe Standor figure, but did you know he's also written some comicbooks in the past? Unbelievable, but true! That's why when he visisted Springfield, he went to The Android's Dungeon and not, say, the Toys "L" Us located in Chinatown, to JRR Toykin's, or even to Kidstown USA (not affiliated with Kidstown Juvenile Correctional Farm). He's actually appeared there twice, but the second time (Season 25's "Married to the Blob") was just a hallucination. Well, a hallucination that distracted CBG while the real Stan Lee was shoplifting. Excelsior!

These days, Stan Lee has a pretty fixed, iconic look: slicked back hair, a big mustache, and large glasses. He's looked that way since the '90s, at least, and was already on his way to that look in the '80s (the hair was different), but in the '70s he rocked a full beard, and in the '60s he was unrecognizably clean-shaven! This, though, is the Stan you know and love.

Stan's dressed casually, because he's in his 90s and at that point the only person who can make you wear something awkward and uncomfortable is your mortician. He's got a white (well, light gray, in the case of this toy) button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and dark blue pants. They painted his belt and belt buckle separately, but considering they also painted his toupee a darker shade than his real hair, maybe that's to be expected.

His pose is very straightforward - he's just standing there, gesturing slightly with his right hand. As seen on the back of the card, this is taken straight from the episode, but a part of me almost wishes they gone with the other screenshot on the back, where Stan's ripped his shirt open and is attempting to Hulk out. On the other hand, there's something appropriate about Stan Lee, a guy you can only meet at a convention if you pay crazy high prices, having his hand out. Naturally, he only moves at the Springfield Four.

He does come with one accessory, though: a bright pink comicbook. Why is it bright pink? There are no cover details, either on the front or back, but they did put a line of white paint around the edge to suggest paper. It's still just a flat rectangle. Playmates did a few comicbook accessories, and they were always rumpled or bent, making them look more natural.

Stan Lee isn't the most memorable guest star The Simpsons ever had, but hey, that's why he's in Series 5 and not Series 1. And can you blame NECA for making him? If you have a legitimate reason to make a Stan Lee figure, you take it!

-- 06/13/15

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