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Black Krrsantan

Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett
by yo go re

Okay, so what address do we send the old one to to get a refund toward the purchase of this one, Hasbro?

A former gladiator turned deadly bounty hunter, Krrsantan is a towering black-furred Wookiee who made a name for himself in the criminal underwold with his intimidating presence and raw strength.

So this figure is technically based on The Book of Boba Fett while the last Krrsantan was based on the comics, but the Santo seen on Boba Fett was taken directly from the comics, which is why the last figure was so disappointing. This isn't a Grand Inquisitor/​Fifth Brother situation, where the TV version looks drastically different from the way it's supposed to - this is the Black Krrsantan we should have gotten in the first place.

Like we said in the previous review, using a regular Chewbacca body for Krrsantan just doesn't work; it's far too skinny for the big brute that Krrsantan is. This figure recognizes that, delivering a sculpt that's entirely new, and much chunkier. The detailing in his fur is excellent, but the body beneath that fur is larger than before, and the toy is better for it.

This time the straps holding his spiked shoulder pads on and the belt around his waist are separate pieces rather than being a single chunk of plastic. They're not removable, short of disassembling the entire figure, but it does mean they won't get in the way of the articulation at all. And it's actually painted, instead of just being bare yellow plastic. It's amazing what can happen when you're not releasing halfassed garbage!

Old Bad Krrsantan's head was new, featuring a big snarl and some braids, which was good. It was also sized exactly like Chewbacca's, which was bad. Today we get a bigger, wider head that still has the beard-ponytails and looks angry without needing the mouth wide open. And without weirdly gapped Anna Taylor-Joy eyes. It's astounding how much better this looks, how much more like the character it's supposed to be, than just throwing some black paint on a figure meant to be somebody else. And speaking of, his fur is more of a dark grey than actual black, and there's some lighter grey paint on his face, thighs, and elbows to accentuate the detail in the sculpt. His hands are still black, but his toes are brown.

The figure has most of the usual Black Series articulation, with a barbell head, pec hinges, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/​hinge elbows, swivel/​hinge wrists, a balljointed chest, balljointed hips, swivel/hinge knees, and swivel/hinge ankles. He doesnt have any thigh swivels, which is unusual, but the knees provide the same range of motion. Like we said above, splitting the chest harness from the belt means it doesn't block the upper body from moving, and that means a better toy.

Santo has his built-in brass knuckles (when he was a gladiator, the guys who owned him got the dude who helped build Darth Vader's suit for the Emperor to alter Krrsantan's skeleton, including plating his knuckles with permanent metal), so he's already one up on the last release. Sadly, there are no kind of energy effects to fit on them, like the smaller Vintage Collection figure(s) got. In fact, his only accessory is a big blaster rifle that he actually has trouble holding in both hands. This thing costs $34, and we can't get any swords for him? Or his crossbow? Or alternate hands? Or anything? The gun can be stored on his back, which is nice, but come on.

The 2022 Black Krrsantan was exciting simply because it existed, not because it was good. It was, in fact, quite bad. Hasbro squirted out an embarrassingly bad toy just to get it on the shelves, and then a year later did this figure, the one they should have done in the first place. Which is why we want to know, Hasbro, where to send the old junky one to get the refund you owe every fan who bought it.

-- 02/10/24

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