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Fifth Brother

SW Obi-Wan Kenobi
by yo go re

Are you low-key cool enough to impress Shroom Boy?

Species: Portobello
Sex: Spore-based
Title: Influencer
Head: Asocarp Pileus
Status: Top 2% Space Onlyfans
Affiliation: Strutters
Weapon: Review Bomb
Weakness: Easily deceived by hashtags

The Fifth Brother made his live-action debut in Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Star Wars Story, but he was created several years prior, for Rebels Season 2 (aka The Clone Wars Season 9). He's not the only character untooned for this show, and he's not the only one who looks drastically different in this form. If not for his hat, he'd have been unrecognizable!

Animated Fifth Brother was based on unused concept art from The Force Awakens. Clearly that's the style with the Inquisitors, since Second Sister was originally a Knights of Ren idea. The cartoon version of him had a very narrow face with a long chin, while this one is played by Sung Kang, aka Han from the Fast & Furious movies. That's right, Han Seoul-Oh is a Sith. And everybody thought Ben was breaking tradition!

Like Obi-Wan said, "Jedi fashion was in service of movement" because it "requires loose fitting and comfortable attire. [Inquisitor] fashion seemed to focus more on looking like a complete dumbass." Like all the Inquisitors, Shroom Boy dresses like a bargain basement Darth Vader: a dark, padded bodysuit beneath angular black armor. Since Kenobi takes place before Rebels, we can tell that he must change his uniform at some point - getting the shape of the head wrong is one thing, but getting the armor wrong is another entirely! I mean, he was recognizable as soon as he showed up in the trailers for the show, but this is still drastically different from what he wore in animation.

You remember how in the first season of iCarly, Nathan Kress had to basically wear Frankenstein shoes because he was so much shorter than the girls and that was the only way to (almost) get him up to their eye level? I don't know if the Fifth Brother is self-conscious about his height or not, but the weirdly broad soles on his boots will give him a little extra stability as he poses. The toy moves at the ankles, knees, thighs, hips, chest, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, and head, with the majority of those being swivel/hinges. The chest balljoint is a little looser than usual, and the chest and thigh armor is made from a flexible PVC so it won't block the movement.

Quintus carries the usual Inquisator "spinaroonie" lightsaber, and unlike the plebians who carry their hilts on their belts, he clips his to his back. Yeah, that won't be awkward to grab quickly in a fight or anything. The blades are removable, obviously, but we're still sad there's no way for the Black Series to really make these things twirl. Since there's a big GI Joe-backpack style peg to go into his back, you have to work around that when you're putting the saber in his hand. It's doable, just something to be aware of.

Given the choice between Rebels Fifth Brother and Kenobi Fifth Brother, I'd rather have the animated: that's how he first appeared, and that how he's "supposed" to look. This round-faced dude just wouldn't feel right menacing Ezra and the Spectres. If they do release a Rebels version I'll upgrade, but for now this one has to do.

-- 03/11/23

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