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Venom Legends
by yo go re

Say what you will, "Gwenom" is an absolutely brilliant portmanteau.

When the Venom symbiote attaches to Gwen Stacy, she gains extreme new powers as Ghost-Spider.

"Extreme" new powers? What, like blue ras-- wait, we already did that joke. What, like spicy nacho blast? Yeah, that's better.

This figure is, as with Miles, based on the Disney XD Marvel's Spider-Man cartoon; but unlike him, her design didn't originate there. After the Spider-Verse event, Spider-Gwen went home to her own reality. She ended up losing her powers, having to resort to isotope injections to temporarily regain them. Eventually her world's Kingpin offered her an opportunity to permenently regain her powers - an "opportunity" which turned out to be the Venom symbiote.

Gwen may not have been thrilled about being infected with a snot parasite, but there's no denying the design is amazeballs. Gwen's mask goes totally black, while her trademark hood gets a jagged edge that takes the place of Venom's traditional fangs. And you want a tongue? This is the Venomiest tongue to ever Venom! The interior of the hood is salmon pink, furthering the connection to a giant mouth, and a wild tongue spills out the bottom, bending and twisting like a bolt of lightning. If you stretched out the one on this toy, it would be more than 9" long!

The body of the suit is entirely black (well, dark blue), with a new vest that features a white Venom symbol on the back and its legs wrapping around to the front. As per uzhe, there are white squares on the back of the hands, though in this particular case they continue up the forearms, becoming short 3D spikes with vein-like tendrils coming off them. She gets a spike on the front of her toes, too, though it's blue, like the soles of her shoes usually are, adding a little extra color to the design and reminding us who's actually in there.

Ghost-Spider (a name she picked based on something Miles said to her - not anything to do with getting Venomized) has the standard articulation for this body, even with the new hands, feet, and forearms. It can be hard to get her to pose, though, because that tongue is so unwieldy and actually reaches an inch down past her feet. It's flexible, but it'll still try to push her over backwards if it gets too bunched up. If you're having trouble, try wrapping it around her like Doctor Who's scarf.

Since she's a little figure, Gwenom comes with the biggest part of the Venompool Build-A-Figure: the torso and backpack.

The Venom of Earth-65 isn't a liquid goop, it's more like a blanket of tiny, gummy spiders that cover the host. And that isn't the only difference between the normal Venom and this one. See, understanding the difference between a "parasite" and a "symbiote," Gwen chose to stick with the Venom, fully bonding with it to restore her powers. She also realized that the symbiote gives back what she puts into it, so if she concentrated less on anger and more on compassion, they could be a true force for good. Peter Parker rejected his symbiote; Gwen Stacy embraced hers, made it part of her permanently. Gwenom is an amazing design, and makes for a fun figure.

-- 11/18/20

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