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by yo go re

What if... this character had been in the Disney+ series like she should have been, instead of weirdly getting shunted into the What If...? line?

Laser focused and relentless, Sylvie is the TVA's most formidable villain, who has vowed to burn the organization to the ground.

Sylvie may be a Loki variant, but she's also the MCU's version of the Enchantress - not the crappy Suicide Squad one, Amara. In case the fact they kept talking about how she was using her power to "enchant" people wasn't enough of a giveaway, the name "Sylvie" was used for a character who was (or at least believed she was) Enchantress' daughter in the 616 continuity. That version was a member of the Young Masters, a second-generation Masters of Evil who were Norman Osborn's equivalent "Dark Avengers" to the Young Avengers. And hey, if MCU Loki was responsible for the assembly of the Avengers, maybe Sylvie will be the one responsible for the Young Avengers. It's all connected!

The comics' Lady Loki had the same black hair as her male counterpart (primarily because she'd hijacked Sif's body as a roundabout way of messing with Thor), but live-action Lady Loki is blonde. You know, because "Enchantress." Her hair is pulled up into a small bun that doesn't really seem to do anything, and she's wearing a crown with a single horn (the other having cracked off at some point during her anti-TVA adventures).

Actress Sophia Di Martino had just recently given birth prior to the filming of Loki, so costume designer Christine Wada designed her outfit with secret zippers to allow her to breastfeed easily. Considerate! Sylvie does look very Loki-ish, with a hooded green cloak standing in for his cape, and her dark clothes showing thin, overlapping panels as is the MCU's Asgaardian style. She wears sensible boots with flat soles, rather than trying to fight in high heels or even wedges. You love to see it! It's a simple costume, suiting someone who's on the run and laying low.

The cloak does mess with the articulation, sadly - no way to have that draped over her shoulders and still keep all the arm joints. Or any of the arm joints. Slip it off, though, and she's as mobile as any ML: balljointed head and chest, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and wrists, balljointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel boots, and swivel/hinge ankles. She's not often seen without her jacket, even when fighting, so it's a bit annoying the only way to take full advantage of the toy's poseability is to lose it, but what other option was there?

While Loki uses daggers (that no toy has yet come with), Sylvie's weapon of choice is a short sword. It's got a metallic blue blade and an ornate handle, and can be held in either of her alternate hands (until you swap those in, her right hand is a fist and her left is open).

The figure includes the cape for the Watcher Build-A-Figure. I guess technically she is from an alternate world, so putting her here makes sense, but you'd still expect all the figures in this assortment to be cartoon-based.

We already know there's going to be a Loki Season 2 at some point, so hopefully we'll get more backstory on Sylvie and what led to her being such a variant variant. Mainly, why is she named "Sylvie" and not "Loki Laufeydottir"?

-- 12/27/21

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