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X-Men Legends
by yo go re

Tick tick tick BOOM.

Tabitha Smith, alias Boom-Boom, manipulates energy to create explosive time bombs that she can detonate at any moment.

Possibly the second-most famous character to come out of Secret Wars II (after The Beyonder himself), Tabby has gone by a bunch of different supranyms over the years: after running away from home, she first called herself "Time Bomb"; that was a little too serious for her spunky personality, so then she was "Boom-Boom"; that one stuck around the longest, until she decided she wasn't getting enough respect and shortened it to just "Boomer"; after going through some X-Men brand melodrama, she started going by "Meltdown"; she must have finally dealt with that trauma though, because by the time she was recruited by the Highest Anti-Terrorist Effort to join their Nextwave squad, she was back to being Boom-Boom.

Don't expect to put this figure with your Dirk Anger, Monica Rambeau and Elsa Bloodstone figures, though, because she's wearing her X-Force costume, not her Netwave costume. Of course she is; making a Nextwave Boom-Boom would have required new boots, a body wearing a minidress and a high-tech corset, and a trenchcoat; X-Force Boom-Boom is just an existing body with a few extras thrown on top: a vest, pieces on the limbs to fake boots and gloves, a belt, and a band around her left thigh. Those pieces should be red, not brown, but then, the hot pink body should be lighter too.

When she was introduced, Jubilee was basically just "Boom-Boom, but Asian" - the powers, the attitude, the fashion sense, even the love of bubble gum. Fitting, then, that this figure gets the same permanently attached bubble Jubes had. There's an alternate "non-blowing" head without the gum, but both versions have her green glasses permenently attached and are sculpted with explosion-shaped earrings.

Continuing the theme of things that are or are not attached, Boom-Boom comes with an energy effect to portray her powers. Unlike Jubilee, who created little plasma fireworks in random shapes and colors that popped off constantly, Tabby's ability let her form yellow balls (ranging in size from pea to beach ball) that only exploded when she counted them down. This figure has an orangey wad of energy with a tendril trailing off the back, plus an alternate left hand where the same type of this is permanently attached. Strange!

She's also got the left leg of Wendigo, this series' Build-A-Figure.

This isn't the best costume Boom-Boom's worn, but it pairs perfectly with this series' legless Cannonball. Then you can toss in Cable and Shatterstar, and you're well on your way to building a full X-Force team!: all we need now is a retro Domino, a Feral, and a BAF-sized Warpath.

-- 09/24/19

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