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Dorina Onoris

Mythic Legions
by yo go re

This sure is one powerful princess!

A legendary figure of the Northlands, the mighty Dorina Onoris became a beloved folk hero in Mythoss. When Lord Draguul and his grotesque mob began terrorizing the villages of Vikenfell and Sjelgard, it was a young Dorina who led her people's rebellion against the evils despoiling their lands. Her unnatural power and her unmatched skill in battle led Dorina and her people to victory over Draguul. But it was her compassion and spirit that won the hearts of Mythoss.

"Dorina" is one of the two new figures released in Mythic Legions "All-Stars" Series 3 - since that's a "greatest hits" line voted on by fans, it doesn't have an interconnected story like the "Coliseum" or "Wasteland" figures (for instance). But we do know that Vikenfell and Sjelgard are in the far far north of Mythoss, which is where "Soul Spiller" took place, so you can cast her as part of that if you want.

And as long as we're making up backstories to supplement what's included on the packaging, let's just go ahead and say that Dorina is the long-lost twin sister of Coliseum's Adamonn - because he's He-Man and this is clearly She-Ra. Heck, even her name calls to mind She-Ra's real identity: "Dorina" can be a diminutive of Adorina, again a form of Adora; meanwhile, "Onoris" reads a bit like "honor," as in her power-up phrase, "for the honor of Grayskull!" So say in this reality, he's the one who was kidnapped as an infant, while she was left at home, and it wasn't until they were older that they were reunited in the House of the Noble Bear.

Like all these pseudo-MotU Legions figures, Dorina comes with an alternate head. In her case, however, it's the alternate one that really homages her inspiration. The one she has on in the packaging is the armored elven head, same as Malynna, while the one bagged behind the tray is the same mold as Freyja of Deadhall, with the long hair, the braids, and the winged helmet. That looks much more like She-Ra's headdress, especially since the hair is painted blonde and the helmet is painted gold.

Other than using bare hands instead of ones sculpted as gloves, Dorina uses the same molds as Ravaena - what a difference paint can make! The armor on the arms and legs is golden, but the stuff on her body is white, to suggest She-Ra's dress. Gold paint also creates a "belt" that's always been a part of the sculpt, though not always picked out like this. To break up the colors and keep them from being plain, she has bright blue gems on her bracers, belt, and bodice. Her skintone is surprisingly pale, whih suits somebody living in the frozen north a lot better than a miniskirt does.

She also has a big red cape, another feature inherited from She-Ra, but these things just get more frustrating by the series. We are begging you, Four Horsemen, design a cape that fits onto the figures in some logical manner! Begging you! There are four holes along the top edge of the cape, but they're too small to acommodate the pegs of her shoulder armor (which is the only way we've ever found to reliably attach these capes to the toys) without ripping, and they've been punched into the cloth off-center, meaning if you use them there's no way to make the cape hang properly on her frame. Mythic Legions is a fun line, but oh my god, these capes are always the fricking worst! Do better, Horsemen! We expect higher quality from you.

Mythic Legions is all about modular construction, so Dorina's articulation is the same as everyone else's: balljointed head, swivel neck, swivel/hinge shoulders and elbows, swivel forearms at the top of the gloves, swivel/hinge wrists, a balljointed torso, swivel waist (though that's more for construction purposes than play and poseability), swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, swivel/hinge knees, and swivel/hinge/swivel ankles. There's a sheet of paper in the box warning you to be gentle with the joints when you first move them, which is always good advice for everything.

In addition to the alternate head, the shoulder pauldrons, and the badly made cape, Dorina's got one of those leather straps to stand in for an actual scabbard, and an elven sword because it's curvy and therefore feels like it came out of the '80s. That by itself would have been boring, so she also has a round, silver-and-gold shield from the Knight Weapon Pack. That's really all you'd need for your semi-She-Ra. It's not like Mythic Legions has a comb.

Dorina Onoris is one of those homage figures who's immediately recognizable - and shows what MotU Classics could have been if Mattel had been more concerned with doing good work instead of only duplicating the past. If not for the crappy cape, she could have been a ToY contender.

-- 02/01/21

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