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Matt Murdock

Spider-Man: No Way Home
by yo go re

A crossover where Qucksilver meets Daredevil and begins to taunt him with "what, you didn't see that coming" before thinking better of it.

With Peter under investigation by the Department of Damage Control, Matt Murdock steps in knowing the web-slinger will need a really good lawyer.

Replacing SHIELD with Damage Control is a missed opportunity. The group was, as depicted in Homecoming, just a construction agency with superhero clearance. And more than that, in the comicbooks, it was an actual comic book: it was written to be funny, not serious. By turning it into a replacement security agency, Marvel Studios robbed itself of the opportunity to have a sitcom, a workplace comedy it could air on ABC or Disney+, both to introduce low-level characters and have some of the big stars make a guest appearance. So, basically, what they'd later do with She-Hulk - right down to the Wrecking Crew as villains! But with an ensemble cast and a smaller effects budget. Making Damage Control the MCU's new super-cops is like writing a straightfaced story where Dunder Mifflin is a company responsible for providing security for high-level international gold bullion transfers or something.

You have to give Kevin Feige credit: mere days before No Way Home opened in theaters, he was still out there giving interviews about how Marvel Studios would really like to work with Charlie Cox again "someday"; that's a guy who knows how to keep his secrets! We already had one unmasked MCU Matt Murdock toy, but that was only on an SDCC exclusive. This is a new sculpt, with a different haircut, a more accurate jawline, and Matt's red glasses.

Matt is wearing a simple grey suit, with a white shirt and a black necktie. Even if you're familiar with the various suit bodies Hasbro has as its disposal, you probably won't guess which one this is built on, because it's too new: these are the same parts The Rose had! We don't have a page for it yet, but we should probably add one now that it's seeing more use. The nice thing about it is the ankles can swivel, so the feet don't point the wrong direction; hopefully that first one can be retired now, since Hasbro never bothered fixing it. The suit jacket goes all the way back to Agent Coulson, and sevaral other characters have worn it since, so the torso beneath is probably that old as well.

We never actually see Matt using his cane in the movie, so we can't say whether he's a two-point touch or constant contact guy, but either way I'm willing to say this cane's tip is wrong. Even if whoever sculpted it based it directly on the movie prop, it's still wrong. The tip of this cane is a flat rubber foot, like you'd see on a stability cane or a pair of crutches - that's great for gripping the ground firmly and staying in place, but that's exactly what you don't want a mobility cane to do: if that stops, it's just going to jam you in the gut. If the cane he uses in No Way Home is meant to be the same one he used on his TV show, then it should have a white "pencil" tip (and a red segment just above that). The top is sculpted with what I took to be a wrist strap, but is actually the elastic cord to wrap around the cane when it's folded closed. So at least the detail on that end is good! It would have been nice if we got an alternate right hand for him, so he could hold the cane with an appropriate "index finger grip," but that's not the way this line rolls. New parts? In this economy?

We get one further accessory that perfectly identifies this as a No Way Home toy: the brick that was chucked through the Parkers' window. It's wrapped up in newspaper, as it should be, and the anonymous hater has written "WE BELIEVE MYSTERIO" on it in red marker. Or technically "beleive" [sic], because the type of person who would watch YouTube crackpot videos doesn't care any more about details than they do about facts. He doesn't get a new hand for that, either, so you'll just have to flex his fingers open and hope it stays.

The theater absolutely erupted when Matt Murdock stepped on-screen (just one day after Kingpin did, as well), and though this is a simple figure, it's one we've never had before. Daredevil? Absolutely. Unmasked heads included with Daredevils? Even that. But a figure of civilian defense attorney Matt Murdock, with no indication at all that he's also Daredevil? Never happened! Not until now. Now we just need a "Courtroom She-Hulk" to pit against him.

-- 01/14/24

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