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Ninth Anniversary

Though planning and preparation had begun quite some time before, we OAFEicially kicked things off in August.

In the past nine years, we've covered more than 4,000 figures in 2,777 reviews, each packed with more information than you can find anywhere else - no fill-in-the-blank, cookie-cutter reviews here. We've reviewed everything from the newest thing on shelves to the oldest thing in our toyboxes.

But we've also given you much more than that. Only at OAFEnet can you find Points of Articulation, the column that takes an in-depth look at issues affecting the toy industry, whether good or bad. You can get a laugh over in our Figuretoons, or argue the finer points of... well, pretty much anything on the Loafing Lounge. OAFEnet is your one-stop source for online action figure entertainment, and your #1 source for toy reviews.

This year's biggest change is that we brought our blog in-house, which means more content, delivered faster and with much cooler images. We try to post something there almost every day, which means even more OAFEry for you to enjoy!

The past eight years, we dedicated August to everything we saw, did and bought at SDCC, and this year is no different. There was a lot of fun stuff available at the show, and we've got the best of it for you. Follow our quest to find the perfect con exclusive.

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