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Mythic Legions
by yo go re

There's something appropriate about this figure being sold through the Four Hoursmen's web-stor(e).

Devious and deadly, the enigmatic Arakkighast killer known as Okeaetos is a frightful tangle of bony limbs and shadowy menace. A terrifying mixture of flesh and bone, the Arakkighast are a race not often encountered in the Realm of Mythoss. Keeping mostly to unlit corners and hidden recesses, the assassin Okeaetos takes great joy in hunting down and eliminating his prey. A devout worshipper of his faction's dark god, Okeaetos hopes that his dark deeds will be rewarded upon Necronominus' return.

Congratulations, Horsemen, you almost did it; you almost made one of these names I couldn't figure out. The names started out easy enough, but have gotten increasingly oblique with each new release. "Arakkighast" is easy enough to connect to "arachno-" as a root, but Okeaetos nearly got me. But I have the power of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, on my side! Compare "Oke-" to Italian occhi, meaning "eyes," and then recognize "-aetos" is just straight-up "eight-os"; his name means Eight-Eyes! Well played, Horsemen!

Okeaetos has six eyes - or at least, two eyes and four small red spots painted on his forehead. The head is one of the vampire ones from Mythic Legions 2.0, with its pointed ears and exposed fangs a suitable stand-in for similar features on his MotU inspiration, Webstor - and in fact, Webstor himself only had six eyes, not eight, so this is as accurate as could be!

The alternate head is from the same source, the Vampire Knight set, but this time the armored version. The face inside is the same gaunt, whithered specimen, just no longer bald. The helmet was likely chosen because it draws parallels to the lumpy shape of orginal Webstor's head, but wearing it does mean we can't see his Krillin-dots anymore. Why not just paint them on the helmet, too? That loss may be a fair tradeoff with the way the helmet gives him a pointier chin, a feature seen on the Mo2K incarnation.

Below the neck, Okeaetos uses the Skeleton Soldier limbs and the elf torso with the circular device in the center. It's a far cry from Webstor's usual pointy emblem, but it's better than nothing. The belt is the same Jjuno wore, giving him that usual MotU-style fur underwear. The two-tone orange dot on the chest provides a much-needed flash of color on an otherwise-dark body: the head and bones are a deep indigo, with the armor being an even darker color than that. The red of the belt matches ths eyes and a few accents over the stomach, but that red is such a dark shade that they barely stand out from the blues at all.

If that's as far as the homage went, Okeaetos would make a pretty good Webstor, but the Four Horsemen weren't done yet. The figure also includes Illythia's backpack and four extra arms! Move aside, Aracula, there's a new spider-skeleton in town! These arms are the same indigo as the rest of the body, and the armor on the biceps is appropriately purple, making for a seamless integration into the design. The backpack does stick out rather obtrusively, since Okeaetos doesn't have hair to help hide it like Illythia did, but there's no real way around that. The trade-off of getting four extra arms on this spider is worth it.

Adding that extra weight to the back also messes with the toy's center of gravity a bit, shifting it that direction; good thing he has plenty of articulation to compensate! Mythic Legions skeletons move at the ankles, shins, knees, hips, waist, chest, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, neck, and head. The likely reason we get skeleton arms instead of skin arms for this backpack is probably an effort to keep the weight down: the bones are slightly thinner than the normal arms, and every ounce counts.

Okeaetos wields two weapons: first is the bone handle knife done in bright orange (the traditional color of Webstor's gun) and a mace with an elastic string instead of a chain (as close as they could get to Webstor's grappling hook). Simple inclusions, but they suit the figure well. And besides, we already got four extra arms and a backpack, that's a lot of the budget right there.

The last few Eternian Mythic Legions figures have come in pairs: we had She-Ra and Hordak, Moss Man and Stinkor, and now a bird and spider (who's going to win that matchup depends on whether or not Mythoss is in South America). It's harder to accept Okeaetos as an "Arakkighast" than as a... whatever Webstor is [Arachna --ed.] but he's still a lot of fun.

-- 04/22/23

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