OAFE Update for Thursday, April 10

Howdy howdy howdy, everybody.

Did you enjoy Shocka's email last week? If so, we may press him into doing more of them. You could be subjected to his lunacy every week!

Last week's sneak preview, Jay and Silent Bob, caused quite a stir both at home and abroad. If you haven't read it yet, see what all the fuss is about at http://www.oafe.net/yo/jaybob.html

Poe gave us another of his fine TMNT reviews, taking a look at the pointiest villain in the whole series: http://www.oafe.net/poe/tmnt_shredder.html

Wednesday is comicbook day, and what better time to review comicbook toys? See if you can find all the in-jokes in our review of DC Direct's Birds of Prey set at http://www.oafe.net/yo/dcdbop.html

Shocka went back to pick up one of the only major characters from the first Lord of the Rings film that we hadn't covered: http://www.oafe.net/shocka/lotrgand.html

Until next week, keep tearing into those pacakges. There's fun inside!

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