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Experience "A Christmas Carol" the original way

Like Edgar Allan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death or Washington Irving's Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is in the public domain, which is why you're so familiar with it: movie and TV writers can … Continue reading

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That settles things

(via) And now, some more OAFEry:Transformers BotBots Tutu Puffz exclusive review Transformers BotBots Doctor Flicker review Transformers Tuesday addendum All three Transformers movies in 60 seconds Transformers Alternators: Meister (Jazz) addendum

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"Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania" Movie Series: Wasp review

And now, some more OAFEry:Marvel announces Lego variant covers Minimate Mini-Review #291 - Iron Man 2020 & Raging Ultron Minimate Mini-Review #21 - Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver Groot addendum - error or intentional? Rustin's Spoils of the Week #147

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The best of Barbie posters

Today has been a weird news day. Simpsons, you've done it again! And now, some more OAFEry:Transformers Bumblebee: Studio Series Ironhide addendum Transformers: Masterpiece Ratbat review Transformers Monsterbots Transformers Generations: Siege Rung review What to get Snake-Eyes

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Get on the Quarantrain!

The BBC recently published a study that claimed the mental health crisis from the pandemic minimal. The study was deeply flawed and obviously wrong, so the internet immediately began dunking on this blatant piece of propaganda. One of the most … Continue reading

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Remember Bionicle? It's back! In PWG form!

Okay, that's technically "GWP" form - "Gift With Purchase" - but the joke worked better the other way. According to leaked info, buy select sets over $100 between January 27 and February 9, and you'll get this free mini-kit of … Continue reading

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Don't be ashamed of your own happiness

And now, some more OAFEry:Meet Bild Lilli, the original Barbie Happy Thanksgiving from the Barbie Pond That is NOT Kenough Christians vs. He-Man What if Barbie looked like a real woman?

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Transformers BotBots Sprinkleberry D'uhnut review

In the central area of the Transformers BotBots mall, there are two Sugar Shocks stores: one on the ground floor, and one on the third floor. Today's Bot is downstairs, and appropriately, looks to be wandering around lost. And now, … Continue reading

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Mario sneaks ads into playtime

You know those Lego Mario sets? The ones with the electronic eyes and mouth? Turns out they get firmware updates, too, and the latest one is doing something creepy: And now, some more OAFEry:Toys vs. Toys in an epic stop-motion … Continue reading

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On the prospect of buying anime girl statues

https://phorizor.tumblr.com/post/642830021709463552/buying-1000-slutty-anime-girl-figurines-to-guard And now, some more OAFEry:Minimalist Lego designs New Robosapiens I got more game than Doleco Fiction meets Fiction My Toy Shrine

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