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Tomorrow's a "school" day

Tomorrow we're going to post a review of the new DC Superheroes Doomsday from Mattel. Since DCD already made a Doomsy of their own, this may be another installment of "DC Direct schools Mattel," a continuing comparison of the ways … Continue reading

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yo - New Coke

Remember back when the Coca Cola people realized what their sales figures had been telling them all along (namely that, compared to Pepsi, Coke tastes like crap) and reworked the secret formula, unleashing "New Coke" on a helpless and unsuspecting … Continue reading

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A blog-premiere review: Battle Crawlers

You ever pick up something as an impulse buy, only to find that it's just about the awesomest thing ever made? It doesn't happen often, but when it does? That's something to talk about.

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Monkey Boy - The Final Product

Sometimes I have to wonder... do toy companies actually care about their final product? It seems like more and more companies are focusing on how nice their prototypes look. Do these people actually see their final product? DCD to me … Continue reading

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yo: Vaporware

Small company Shocker Toys has just announced a line of comic-based toys called Indie Spotlight. Now, the idea is a great one, but there are a few problems that strike me right away:

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yo: keeping my head above water

You ever feel like you've got too much to do? I always feel a bit guilty when we don't get a review up right away - yes, we let other sites worry about trying to be first with a look … Continue reading

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yo: Are you Curious about George?

Found one of ToyBiz's Curious George figures recently, and just dropped the review. Why is this one getting a special mention when none of the others ever seem to? Because the monkey is just so cool. This is a really … Continue reading

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Monkey Boy - Toys for the NOW

Poe's earlier blog about his top ten toys of all time got me thinkin', and I realized that if I were to compile a list of my top ten toys, most of them would probably only be a few years … Continue reading

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