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The story of Chuckles and the Crimson Twins

So like today's review said, fancy packaging. It looks like some sort of electronic device, with a screen and speaker on the front, various knobs and dials and wires all around the sides, and Extensive Enterprises branding on the back. … Continue reading

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NECA Ultimate Dog Creature addendum

Like we said in today's review, NECA's Ultimate The Thing Dog Creature features an instruction sheet, though it's a bit less than clear. We made this chart to help. And now, some more OAFEry:Ad Icons Mystery Minis - General Mills … Continue reading

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Raving Toy Maniac's Thanksgiving centerpiece

I know where I wish I'd eaten! You can get your own right here. (via)

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Barbie Pond

Locals in NW DC will of course be familiar with the Barbie Pond on Ave. Q, which is currently showing a painstakingly accurate re-creation of the First Thanksgiving: (via) And now, some more OAFEry:The type of face men recognize better … Continue reading

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Marvel TV Legends: "Secret Invasion" Nick Fury review

In the years following the Blip, a weary Fury must face his biggest and most personal challenge yet when he learns of the Skrulls' clandestine invasion of Earth. I didn't hate Secret Invasion the way a lot of fans did, … Continue reading

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Animals often use specific displays to ward off rivals

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No more turning yourself into an action figure

If you were waiting to do Hasbro's "Selfie Series" thing, well, bad news: It may just mean they're updating their design software and don't want to take orders until the improved version is ready, but it doesn't sound that way … Continue reading

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Marvel Legends Amadeus Cho

I made a fast digital custom of what the Amadeus Cho figure proposed in today's review could look like: Like it says, that's just MCU Peter Parker with Agent Woo's jacket, with the colors shifted around a little. Seems pretty … Continue reading

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Soon Forget: Darkstalkers Dmitri

This is the latest in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of blog posts memorializing cancelled toys. Our figure today is SOTA's Darkstalkers Dmitri. After the success of their Street Fighter line, SOTA planned to do a spin-off featuring … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones: Adventure Series Walter Donovan review

American businessman Walter Donovan works in secret with the enemy to locate the Holy Grail and achieve the gift of everlasting life. Oh, "the enemy," does he? What enemy is that? Does the enemy have a name? A specific name? … Continue reading

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